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Full Version: I have a 44 year old former street urchin sleeping on my floor AMA
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(Not Vutu)
Now he is stretched out on the floor with his face directly touching it. Most people would hesitate to that on my floor. Now I am going to have a shot of his 40 baht Yaa Dong bottle.
I dare you to seal his eyelids.

ejaculate onto his eyelids softly. don't wake him. the cum will harden. videotape the reaction as he struggles to open his eyes.
Hahahaha man that cracked me up but will absolutely not happen. I saved Vutu from this lil' batard/
I watched 'eye cum' porn once by accident. How fucking weird is that?
Like a total meltdown
I have no questions your honour
I rest my case.
ya'll niggas just gonna leave a swede haning.
will you bath him?
1. Get sharpie

2. Practice your tattoo design skillz
Been there done did dat in worse locations, and my knife and brass is all nice n polished. Most importantly that brass.
how about killing the guy for shits and giggles.
LOL nah mean, never killed a man or child even for shits and giggles.
make a pool of fake blood all around him and watch when he wakes up
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