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Full Version: 100,000 March In France In Support of Trad. Family
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Another round of protests against gay adoption, marriage in Paris and Lyon. These people do not seem like religious fanatics or bigots.

Good. They've probably seen what happens in Murica and decided fuck that. Good for them.
People are getting tired of having ideals rammed down their throats.

People are starting to realize the sham that is being perpetrated.

I didn't see large scale mass protests to institute gay rights, yet the government is pushing for this stuff really hard. So why is it that when. Large scale mass protests occur for something like this, the governments still largely turn a blind eye to it.
^ great post canuck.

it's so easy to see.

the house of cards is falling down.. slowly but surely
The "liberal agenda" is just a line used to incite and add more mud to water. There are more important issues to address but this helps to get division and therefore become manageable by distraction.

The US and western world isn't becoming an "ideal wasteland" because people are becoming liberal, its fucked because of the monetary corruption and corporate influenced politics. The rest of the planet is the same, all these western countries being inundated with political correctness as a front to wind up ideals and propagate war.

Fucking retards the general population is
well I feel it does have a negative effect when you promote anti-family values.

you destroy the social fabric.

some money stealing etc. is bad, but it is not as bad as destroying the family. JIMO

the progressives have a stated purpose of weakening or abolishing the family unit.
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