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Full Version: Basic Information: diff. between Catholics and Protestants
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Catholics:Scripture and tradition

Protestants: Sola Scriptura - Scripture alone

Results of Fall

Catholic: Corruption and tendency to sin

Protestant: Total depravity and guilt

Free will

Catholic: Free to do good or evil (total free will)

Protestant: Free only to do evil

Good works

Catholic: Meritorious

Protestant: Results of divine grace and unworthy of merit

Catholics: A special vocation for some believers; mediators between God and man

Protestants: Priesthood of all believers.
Catholicism seems to be more in line with how the world really works.

to have a church, you need men to lead it.

To encourage people to be good, you don't guarantee they will go to heaven just by believing.

Also in order to adapt to the times, you cannot just believe in one book.

So Catholicism might not be authentic Jesus worship, however it seems to be more reasonable.

A protestant just "believes" in jesus and he is saved. That to me is kind of fishy.
Female, Gay and Lesbian Priests/pastors

Catholicism: NOT ALLOWED

Protestant: ALLOWED
1 Corinthians 1:18

For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

There's man's way, and then there's God's WAY...Wink
Fuck 'em both
Yoshida, it seems like you're a big fan of the mackerel snappers.
(03-10-2013 03:12 AM)Galt Wrote: [ -> ]Fuck 'em both

When I am not around I can rest assured this man right her will flip out when it is appropriate.
Just posting this cuz the avg. american is probably not too aware of the differences.

In a nutshell, Catholicism is conditional.. you might be saved if you do the right things.

In Protestant Christianity, believing in jesus is sufficient. Faith Alone is enough. Not your action.

IN another way you could see Catholicism as Patriarchical and Protestantism as Matricentric.

Mother loves u no matter how ugly or how much of a loser u are. This is unconditional love.

Father loves you based on conditions. If you do him proud, you are good. If you don't you lose his love. The love can be reclaimed by repentance and doing good work again. Father's love is justice.

It's certainly very hard for me to grasp, "by faith alone"

It seems you could be a total dickhead, but if you believe in jesus.. you will go to heaven. this does not seem correct.
There is a huge difference between the dynamics of "you are good no matter what as long as you believe in God" and "you are good or bad based on your actions."

One encourages you to be a shit head because it does not attempt to hold you accountable for your actions. The other clearly states that you are held accountable for your actions. We all know of Christians from the different sects that are shit heads, but in one there seems to be a deterent. In the other, there is no deterent.
Good post GMB.

protestantism def. seems to be the easy way out. EZ religion.

However, a lot of protestants do good research on the NWO.
Good catholics can sin as much as they like, as long as they confess their sins to a child molester every week.
^ yes, that is a contradiction too. if you think about it, the confession is good intelligence gathering.
Absolutely. The confession was a source of power for the priest in small communities back in the day.

Unfortunately both church organizations have their problems. The most overarching problem is that organized religion often gets in the way of members developing PERSONAL relationship with God.
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