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Full Version: You have reached your Private Message Quota
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I just tried to reply to a message from superCalo, but it would seem he has reached his private message quota.

Have I reached my private message quota?

What does a poster here do to reset their private message quota?

I should sort that out, but yeah behind the toilet block any time bro
Bah can't reset from app
I just clicked my name and deleted everything except the most recent stuff, and emptied the trash.

I am down to 5% PM space used.

In essense my message was yeah, but was not same before and time passes and the more things change, the more they stay the same.
Pretty much agree, when anarchy is released upon the world, the centre will not hold
I heard the center of the earth is all super hot and like melted precious metals and stuff.

Should have been superglue.
I thought it was hollow, filled with crab people?
When you get past the crab-people you reach the secret masters. Then comes the desert if you cross that there is a vast ocen. Beyond that is Jormungandra which is infinity.
Yeah its very hot, but it's all relative, compared to a piece of ice like a donut is hot, but I've never burnt my tongue on no donut
Once a tongue is burned it usually remains hot for a few cycles of the sun.
Donut burn I expect has a shorter inferior cycle, imagine going to the doctor & saying you burnt your tounge on a Donut, swallowing a dildo heated up in the microwave is far more believable, & in the case of some of the forum members here, likely.
Lotion come in handy for most appliances like donuts on markets.
I'll ask senor about that
but he doesn't speak ingles? How will you make?
I knew a guy once who was working fries at McDonald's.

His watch caught on the fry tray as he was setting it and popped his watch off, which dropped in the frying grease. He grabbed for it out of reflex.

He should have had a donut instead.
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