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There is a posting on the OG about Lincoln's assassination and the catholic church. What do you think? I must watch the video posted and read through what was posted again to make any opinion myself.
Actually in the Secret vatican archive video, they did say the Church supported the Confederate side more than the Lincoln side.

I'll look into it.

this seems quite interesting.
Quote:When I was younger I used to collect old and 'rare' books to read and then I would sell them hoping to make some decent money. One of the books that will always stick with me is titled "Rome's Responsibility for the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln" by Thomas M. Harris late Brigadier General U.S.V., and Major General by Brevet written in 1897. This was a fantastic read for my 17 year old self and wish I never sold it.

You can read it here: http://archive.org/stream/romesresponsib...5/mode/2up for free.

The reason this has come to mind as of this moment is because I am watching a legitimate documentary on YouTube called Behind the Closed Doors of the Vatican. I will embed the video in my 2nd post. Of particular note in the video is section 9:15 thru 12:00. This will show some correlation the the late General's thoughts on Lincoln's assassination; albeit lossely.

If you would like to take the logical "leap of faith" even further you can connect 24:05 thru 32:12 on how the Roman Catholic Church has a hand in how things run here in the US of A. This may be too much of a stretch for most, but not out of the realm of possability and has some decent circumstantial evidence

this is the post from the OG.

I think this guy may have watched the vatican video I posted and made the connection.
reading through the book right now.

seems like typical protestant anti-jesuit propaganda.

I can't really grasp the central thesis. Doesn't seem too concrete.
it seems their proof is that certain people involved in the conspiracy were catholics.

To me this is not good proof that rome itself was involved.

Something concrete was that Rome worked with the CIA to rig the post war italian elections. that is legit.

I also think Rome worked with the CIA in the overthrow of some govts. in latin america. Those are quite concrete.
I personally don't think the vatican prefers to use violent/secret methods unless the Church's survival is on the line.
The most believable modern Vatican CT would probably be the P2 events and the mafia banking stories.
P2 lodge targeted the vatican bank to the best of my knowledge
I think the Vatican bank probably had lots of behind the scenes dealings.
they aren't transparent that's for sure, but I think P2 was trying to take down one of the largest vatican held banks
(06-17-2015 07:24 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]they aren't transparent that's for sure, but I think P2 was trying to take down one of the largest vatican held banks

Calvi or whomever could have had guys on both sides of him threatening him if he didn't stay with or join their side.
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