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Full Version: 13 Weird Pictures. posted for Shelby
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she has trouble posting threads, so this is her find.

No One’s Ever Been Able To Explain These 13 Things.

[Image: unexplained3.jpg]

Solway Firth Astronaut: Jim Templeton was in a marsh taking photos of his young daughter and after getting them developed there appeared to have been a Spaceman in full astronaut gear standing behind her. Except there wasn’t anyone else around while they were there. Even Kodak verified that it was not tampered with.
[Image: unexplained4.png]

The Falling Body: As the Cooper’s move into their new home in Texas, they take a photograph of the family sitting together, but as the photo is taken, a body falls from the ceiling.
this one is weird:

[Image: unexplained8.jpg]

The Time Traveler: People believe that this photograph, taken in 1941 at the re-opening of the South Forks Bridge in Gold Bridge, Canada, is depicting a man in seemingly modern dress and style, with a camera that is advanced well beyond its time. The circle on the left illustrates a man with a camera typical to the time-period.

(never heard of this before, looks cool):

Almost all of these are hoaxes that have long been exposed.
lol @ this pic

[Image: unexplained5.jpg]

Phantom thumb: A group of four kids posing for a picture, however, there appears to be a mysterious thumb next to the kid in black on the right, that does not seem to align with anyone’s body.
it's a kid in the back messing around.
The flying spaghetti monster??

[Image: unexplained12.jpg]
it would be hilarious if the term came from that pic.

does look like a flying spaghetti monster.

but honestly. .that is weird.
closer view

[Image: ovniarte09_04.jpg]
Voted up Shelby.
[Image: unexplained8.jpg]

This has been explained and it's not that weird at all. That type of camera was available in 1941 and the guy was wearing a jersey of a local college sports team which used a large 'M" as the logo, i've seen photos of the 1941 jersey and its identical to what the guy is wearing.
yeah makes sense.

pretty sure almost every pic has an explanation.
The time traveller pic that I think is really comical, is this one from a Charlie Chaplin movie. The mysterious lady talking on a cell phone!!

[Image: time_traveler_spotted_in_charlie_chaplin_film.jpg]
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