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Full Version: Missed auto payment causes $600k damage online game
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I feel for these cats, a simple missed auto payment led to all out war, the repercussions will be lasting for several months, years even in many folks case, some may just give the whole thing away, hundreds of hours of work destroyed by a simple banking error, heartbreaking

[Image: 3-eve-online-wallpaper-21.jpg]

James Carl was asleep when the first shot was fired.

As he slumbered away in Costa Mesa, California, the 29-year-old banker's virtual space fleet was under siege early Monday morning in what's become the most destructive and expensive battle in the 10-year history of EVE Online, the gargantuan online sci-fi video game.

EVE Online - with more than 500,000 players from around the world piloting starships, trading goods and engaging in galactic espionage - utilises its own in-game currency, and Carl expects the damage from Monday's conflict to be the game equivalent of about US$500,000 in real-world cash, based on data compiled from within the game.

The skirmish first erupted after a member of Carl's coalition missed a payment to protect an area that's been used as a staging ground for a war raging between Carl's Pandemic and N3 coalition versus CFC and Russian forces.

"Supposedly, it was set up for auto-pay, just like any other bill in real life, but either that didn't happen or the money wasn't in the wallet, and then everything just escalated out of control from there," said Carl. "The dust is still settling on that issue. Everyone is just focused right now on fighting to try to regain control of the system."

During Monday's encounter, more than 100 Titan vessels were destroyed. The megaships, which are akin to the Death Star from Star Wars, are the largest ships in the game and are worth about US$3000 each in real-world money. The Titans also take months for gamers to build. That's months in real time: a lot of nights, weekends and days-off actually spent constructing the virtual warships.

Carl was awakened by a messaging app on his phone used by alliance members alerting him that their system B-R5RB was under attack by rivals. He wasn't scheduled to work in real life Monday, so he spent the entire day sending virtual ships into the fray. He said dozens of his alliance members took off work to join the fight, which is being waged by more than 4000 players - and spectated by thousands more on the game streaming service Twitch.

It's an unprecedented battle unique to EVE, which simulates a universe of more than 7000 stars and whose virtual economy is linked to real-world money, unlike many other online role-playing games, such as World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online.

"I'd be lying if I said our servers weren't sweating a bit," said EVE Online spokesman Ned Coker of CCP Games, the Reykjavik, Iceland-based video game developer who created the online universe. "Allowing players free movement wherever they want in a game with over half a million players means for some pretty tricky technological requirements."

To compensate for thousands of starship captains battling each other online, Coker said CCP Games instituted what it calls "time dilation," which slows down the game's servers to about 10 per cent of normal time, so players aren't dropped and their commands are issued in the order in which they were received. Carl said it has made for a massive but slow battle.

"In many ways it's a quintessential sci-fi experience, where thousands of people from all around the globe are waging a huge conflict that will have real repercussions on the politics, economy and social structures of a virtual universe," said Coker.

The real-world value of EVE currency is based on an actual exchange rate set within the game, but the primary basis for value in the game's virtual economy is the time and skill that gamers put into such concepts as the mining of minerals, the selling of goods and services, or the stealing of goods and money - just don't get caught.

However, if players want a shortcut, they can put real-world money into the game to buy EVE currency and equipment, as determined by the exchange rate, but the money can only be exchanged from real to virtual.

Meanwhile, Carl is optimistic his coalition will recover from the latest EVE upheaval.

"It looks like CFC is winning, but we're hoping now that all of our US players are online, we'll turn the tide," said Carl. "Whatever happens, we'll keep going. EVE is a universe full of grudges and constantly changing politics. If we were to lose, we'll rebuild. Then, we'll go back and start another war."

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not funny dood

guys are literally in tears, life is in upheaval, self esteem is plummeting, heavy stuff
Titan class starship destroyed in seconds, makes a man want to smash up real stuff like vegetables or fruit in anger

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lack of empathy is one of the first signs investigators look for in potential serial killers

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LOL @ "Potential"
I'm not sure I want to read all that out of sheer potential disappointment.

Could someone tell the abbreviated story pls

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there is no abbreviation to peoples lives dude

there is no he was born, then he died

its the stuff inbetween thats what its all about

its when stuff like happens you dig
I just got a few lines in and thought, Calo dint write this, seems too long and arduous

That's ok someone will abbrev

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Only reason I don't write long is I don't have the attention span or the prose skills to keep up more than a couple of sentences at a time, if I could I would though, like a woodchuck.

abbreviation for you then.

some online game that 500,000 people play

deals a lot in trade, espionage, war,

people use real money to play, trade,

someone was paying someone else real money to protect a area

automatic payment did not go through

they went all mafia about missed payment

led to all out war

people were asleep when this happened

woke up and they had lost items that had cost them thousands of real dollars and or hundreds of real hours

mess still being sorted out

peoples are depressed
eve online. it said a few hundred titan class ships that cost 3 k real money or 100+ billion currency were destroyed

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I imagine the video of the fighting being kinda cool.
I had to reread twice. I was looking for missed car payment somewhere.
I'm watching LOL on twitch right now, might have to find this EVE instead.
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