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Full Version: An American Asian in Shanghai
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I am curious what your take is on this frens

The dude is obnoxious and completely inappropriate in his behaviour, it borders on embarrassing. I cringed a few times.

Anyone familiar with this guy?

How do we post videos from the video section if the site isn't listed?

Can't see shit 'cause my WIFI is shit.
However the title tells me all I need to know.
Anyone who views himself primarily by society/ nationality/ culture is unworthy of my attention.

Indentured Dawg

Then why did you post that?
this guy can not be more obnoxious if he tried. he is to asian culture what lil wayne is to black culture. only worse, because he acts black.

complete and utter buffoon.
So what does one have to do to get his own show on Vice? I wanna do one for Hong Kong. Any ideas? Winnson?
I couldn't watch much of that.

DB, I think the only requirement is a phone camera, a burning attention whore desire and a complete and total lack of self respect or dignity.

Shall we start shooting over the CNY holiday?
Vice: Tales from Hong Kong!

btw, gonna be meeting up with canis for beers over CNY. Let's talk script then.

Indentured Dawg

Calm down ladies
2 things baby, where and when?

It's been way too long.
that's eddie huang.. he was on JRE. exposed TED.

yeah he's obnoxious
What is TED?
(01-29-2014 04:43 AM)Winnson Wrote: [ -> ]What is TED?

TED talks.
It's a guy named Ted, or that movie bear?
Its a cult that was exposed on the JRE. It is basically a bunch of presentations and speeches, often times given by NWO figures. The famous Bill Gates speech about population reduction was from a TED talk. There is also a side branch called TEDx.
(01-29-2014 04:41 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]that's eddie huang.. he was on JRE. exposed TED.

yeah he's obnoxious

Exposed him, Like he got Ted naked?
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