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Cinco Teros - basic five angles of attack from FMA - what I love about FMA is that it teaches you motion and angles and not specific techniques. If you think the motion or angle then you see number five the vertical thrust can be a jab or cross or front kick or teep or knife thrust or spear thrust or staff thrust. I just listed seven different specific techniques but the commonality of all seven is that they traverse the same angle/the same basic motion

Although you may not have wanted to use the Cinco Teros for real, in fact if you play tennis the serve is like a number one, the number three is like hitting a baseball - it's all the same angles / same motion
I love triangular footwork.
(01-29-2014 01:03 PM)Som-Pong Wrote: [ -> ]I love triangular footwork.

Basic triangular footwork FTW!
Defang the snake!

Chris Weidman did to Anderson Silva

Indentured Dawg

Galt you dipshit clear your inbox, Im trying to send you those details.
so after tapatalk installed an upgrade i couldn't get on here anymore. at work i'm firewalled, but finally, after i dk how long, glad to be back!
Welcome back sir!
welcome back STICK! you were missed by many
welcome back SG!

[Image: donnie-yen-wang-baoqiang.jpg]
Welcome back! Big Grin
SG msged me at mma.tv and called me DAI LO haha.
Belated thank you!

Stupid tapatalk phone app automatically updated on my iPhone and I couldn't log in anymore

After a few attempts via desktop with EY and TDB'S help to avail I was going to create a new acct but didn't remember once I get home and wife/kids bombard me stuff

EY hit me up again and 5his to e around able to get back in. Strange

Went to a Droid phone recently and figured out how to add forums

I'm back!

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