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Full Version: Historical Evidence For The Resurrection
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(01-27-2014 01:55 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]to me if it happened or it didn't happen is not that important.

it is a powerful symbolical vehicle and has influenced many people over the last 2000 years.

Some schools of thought will say that the resurrection is allegorical, and refers to the death of the ego and the emergence of your true self. The process takes about three days.
What about the Shroud of Turin?

It was carbon dated to 1400, but there was a fire in 1400 when part of it was resown and the sample testing could have been that part. Plus, there are historical stories of the Shroud before then. And something could have magically happened to the shroud (like the resurrection event) to make it have rejuvenated properties that make it appear younger than it is. also, supposedly seeds have been found in the shroud that come from the Middle East.

So most likely either the shroud was made in the Middle Ages in Italy or it came from the Mideast in the first centuries AD.

The shroud most definitely appears to first turn up in Edessa in the 5th-6th century, in what was then Armenia and now seems to be Kurdistan. The Armenians were Christian. There are frequent stories about it from then in the 5th-6th century. Now what about before then? The Bible does make a special note about the burial shrouds or cloths both before and after the resurrection. Plus in our Orthodox Christian services for Easter we have a shroud with a picture of Jesus that we put on a replica tomb. So this idea of an image on a shroud is very interesting therefore to suggest that this is a very important, old Christian tradition. The Orthodox Church by the way is the main Church in Greece and the Holy Land from the 1st century up to today, so some unique, old traditions are kept in this church.

Another claim is that the shroud matches the Sudarium in Spain, in the sense that the blood pattern matches up. I am not really sure about this, but the Sudarium- a head cloth for Jesus around the time of His burial- is a very old relic there too.

Another thing about the shroud is that the image matches the main kinds of wounds that were supposed to be on Jesus, which were unusual ones, with the crown of thorns. Also, the image is of a slightly tall person, and I think Jesus was probably at least a bit tall, as the Bible says He grew in body and wisdom- although it does not specify how tall.

Finally, the scholars argue alot about how the image was made.
Some say bas relief and they made a kind of clay image they put a cloth on, but I believe that it wasn't as good a picture as the artists of the clay replica claim. Some say there is blood in it, but others claim it is paint, while others argue that there were no paint or ochre minerals found. Personally, to me this goes to suggest that it is real because of how much they try to argue it is fake but they don't really prove it fully. The people who say it is fake actually argue amongst eachother about the shroud, how it was made, who made it etc. If it's fake it is still a very remarkable forgery.

At least it looks to me like it was a man who was killed in a way very similar to Christ. Now I guess someone could have killed another person in that way to make a replica shroud forgery, but to me that seems like a strange and very unlikely option. So my guess is that the shroud is really of Christ and that it could tell us alot about Him, and perhaps even about the Resurrection, like whether and how that occurred.

But for me this is still a guess. It is a very interesting object either way of course, and I would be very interested to know the truth about it, although I have probably read a dozen articles about it already, they have not really been conclusive enough in my mind to prove it real or fake, which makes it even more a mystery and suggests that it is actually real.

Al the best.
How could it be carbon dates to 1400 I highly doubt they had carbon dating back then.
(01-27-2014 12:04 PM)superCalo Wrote: [ -> ]How could it be carbon dates to 1400 I highly doubt they had carbon dating back then.
It means that in modern times researchers did a test of some pieces of the shroud and their test results indicated that the shroud was made in 1400.

Indentured Dawg

(01-27-2014 12:04 PM)superCalo Wrote: [ -> ]How could it be carbon dates to 1400 I highly doubt they had carbon dating back then.

So true.

Jesus was just a very sensitive homosexual Jewish Rabbi..... nothing to see here.

I'm Catholic school educated from a family that belongs to the uniting church.
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