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Full Version: Interview with Wife of Vice-Pres of Lucis Trust
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This is TRIPPPY:

Lucis Trust was the creation of Alice Bailey, student of Helena Blavatsky. These 2 revived the old mystery religious and popularized them into the west. Lucus Trust still exists today, as a strong part in the UN, and remains openly and religiously satanic. (or more specifically Luciferian, viewing Lucifer as a benign angelic being, the Light, etc)

Listen to her, the bitch knows everything, lol. They believe it, and they believe it STRONG.

How completely fascinating:

Cliff notes? can't listen aqt work
At first I thought the interviewer was kissing her ass, but I think she is actually milking the bitch for as many confessions as she can. Starts going for the hard questions later in the interview.

I am just floored by this, I have never heard anyone so schooled in the occult at this level be so open.
i have posted about lucis trust extensively.

i believe David Icke is part of their crew.
Quote:Plato, the Greek philosopher, taught that there are 5 elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Air
and Aether (Ether). The last element, Aether, can best be described as pure energy or light.
It is the stuff of the eternities.

Gnosticism, the religious belief of the Knights Templar, holds that mankind is
nothing more or less than Aether trapped in a physical world and held there by
Satan (they called him the demi-urge). Through multiple reincarnations, they held,
a man or woman could become purified and ultimately freed from the other elements.

New Age religions call those with perfect Aether content, ascendant masters. George
Bush referred to them as his 1,000 points of light. They include Buddha, Christ, Mohammed,
etc. Gnosticism holds that all light will be returned to Logos, or God, and exist as
mass consciousness free from the limitations of the physical elements. One mind as it were.
EY - listen to the interview - it is astounding

The interviewer catches her in a few corners, and she answers everything back with apparent honesty

good find. Never heard this before.
she is definitely trolling McKechnie haha.
(01-21-2014 03:32 PM)Masato Toys Wrote: [ -> ]EY - listen to the interview - it is astounding

The interviewer catches her in a few corners, and she answers everything back with apparent honesty


she seems sincere and straightforward.

much moreso than Icke lol.

she makes some decent points about the UN.
- says war is a natural occurence like hurricanes and famine, not a creation of man

- says that population control is natural and therefore to help it is to be doing good

- says that the teachings of bailey would be the perfect blueprint for a one-world government

- says that they believe in the return of Maitreya, and that they work to make humanity ripe for his arrival

etc etc

...all under the name of Lucifer
I like the part about how the Savior won't return until wealth and resources are redistributed.
these people are straightforward about their plans.

that's why I know about them.
Refreshing to hear an intelligent woman speak for an extended period of time.
Wish she were my Grandmother, what a nice lady.
What is there to take issue with?
She sounds like the old lady from poltergeist.

they are just rehashing taoist theories.

there is a lot of truth to occult stuff but the problem is when they try to advance a one world agenda with this stuff.
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