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Full Version: Gonna see Paul Hellyer next week
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Hey all

Going to this event next Thursday night... The guest speaker is Paul Hellyer, Canada's Ex- Minister of Defence, & outspoken speaker on the UFO/Alien Contact debate. Hellyer is also highly outspoken about the global banking fraud, shadow/Illuminati, etc etc.

** Is he an honest whistleblower?
- Or is he here to begin the fake 'disclosure' that will lead us all into a NWO?

The event will also host Dan Dicks (indy Canadian activist, creator of the G20 film 'Into the Fire), and Richard Dolan (some other UFO nut, lol)

The reason I'm going is because a good friend of mine is VERY interested in UFO disclosure, alien races etc... I am looking forward to going with him to discuss what we will hear and how it may or may not fit into the various world agendas.
Another interesting speech from Mr Hellyer:

At the end, he TOTALLY calls out the international bankers, and says that humanity needs to take them all down as soon as possible.

Sounds wicked, but then listen to him totally duck the first question at 1:00:00; questioning if the Global Warming efforts may be part of a similar global conspiracy than the one he just described. He kind of freaks out and avoids it.

He is an avid Global Warming supporter, whatever his reasons.

Hellyer is....interesting. I remember well when he was a cabinet minister in the Trudeau regime. Hearing him talking about Tall Whites on public access tv was a jaw dropper to say the least!
dunno about this stuff. could be disinfo.

how can all these guys make amazing revelations bout govt. coverup of aliens.. while snowden says govt is spying on people and is wanted for treason.

doesn't make sense.
^ fucking brilliant post, lol

His uber-pro-Global Warming attitude also makes my skin crawl.

He does call out the banking fraud though - which is more and more making me suspect that the money bait-and-switch is coming soon.

Beware big lies cometh
I think the "aliens" stories should always be a red flag as to what follows

He is a part of gov disinfo for certain

Its the good cop bad cop, credit then discredit

probably a Mason
But does that mean he KNOWS he is disinfo?

What are the chances he's just some old kook who fell for the UFO culture, who is being supported because he's whistling the right tune? (He admits to have never seen anything)
So many layers. Like onions!
I am also wary of limiting reality to only 2 categories; Truth-giver vs planted disinfo.

I suspect that the majority of people in this world are neither, and are simply dealing with their own various levels of awareness/delusion

Some have seen some light and want to talk about it. Others want to justify their own beliefs. Others want attention. Others want to sell books. Others are chronic liars. Others have made some mistakes but are forced to keep going. Others have elements of truth they do not fully understand. Others are just wrong. etc etc etc

Not all are either 100% correct and trustworthy, or deliberately acting as agents of disinfo.
Hellyer getting grilled on 911:

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