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Full Version: Forty Days to Break a Habit
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I think this is bigger than a habit but have heard the hardest is in this time frame

I am "sober" now for forty days, not after accolades just wanted to comment.

I am not sure if I was ever addicted to it, though the frequency I drank was increasing. I am a handful enough to some sober, the habit was turning me a bit curmudgeon and the cycle a bit boorish. My family history is drenched in alcoholism, I have many friends who I consider as they too, to be alcoholics. The last 5 years was an ever increasing habit and expense of drinking, beyond just one or two

I miss the drink ritual the most, sitting around delving into the same mindset I don't miss at all. I still go to friends and visit, they visit me but the drink is gone. I am not happier or have any less of an experience, just a different more clear one.

I have committed to do this as long as I can, I have no rules or have put no pressure on myself to commit to sobriety for perpetuity. My approach has been to let know, who is closest to me what I intend to do and follow through.

Yeah, a bit strange after drinking some of the finest of everything in the stock and special selection bars for years.

WHo here has had a habit, inclination or just some dirty addiction they want to share? How did it make you feel when you stopped, how did you keep off keeping off it?
I gave up meat for like 3 months, thats 90 days or so, by the end of 2nd month couldnt see myself ever eating it again, did not miss it, had no inclination to ever eat it again.
Then one day I smelled bacon frying, that was the end of vegetarianism
There was a period where I was throwing back brewskies everyday for the fuck of it. I had to cut that out though. I just exercise like crazy now.

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I quit chewing Copenhagen the last Saturday of Sept. 2013.
I used the patch and herbal snuff.
I was done with the patch by November.
I broke the habit , I don't have urges ect. but I have felt like shit pretty much everyday since I quit.

For the Asians
Snuff is finely ground, moist , dark fired tobacco.
Copenhagen is a brand of snuff. 1 can of Copehagen packs about as much nicotine as 2 packs of cigarettes. Most snuff chewers use 1 or more cans a day.
I quit coffee periodically for a few weeks, months at a time.. Then one day I smell it brewing and dat's dat. It's a cycle. I did give up meat a long time ago. May go hunt down a woodland critter someday when I'm ready for a steak again.
I'm addicted to pre workout supps. Fuck, if it's not one thing it's another !

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lol wtf...
I am addicted to everything that I like.
I kicked codeine about 4 years ago. The first 4 days clean were a living hell, but then it got easy.

No way I ever take another opiate ever again.
Opiates are hard to control
Workin on smokes and booze right now. I had a level 10 shame situation last Friday night celebrating the Seahawks victory, for 12 hours.
Still haven't looked in the mirror...
(01-16-2014 04:35 PM)Som-Pong Wrote: [ -> ]Opiates are hard to control

and benzos, and grade A relaxers
I stick with ganja these days.
Everyone needs a vice

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I not agree

Free yourself from vices

Free your mind

and your spirit will truely fly
Wait, ganja aint a vice! It takes me from grumpy to nice
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