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Full Version: avoiding threads on religion from now on
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after reading how retardedly misinformed 90% og is on every single thread related to catholivs and christians in general. i will not read or take part in another religious discussion online on this site or the others.

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well the problem is christianity is an EASILY SUBVERTABLE religion.

it has a lot of noble ideals.. but it's very very eclectic which can lead to an infinite amount of interpretations.

what other religion has 1000s of diff. sects all proclaiming to have the truth.
but I do agree that the catholic bashing on the OG is irrational and out of hand.

it's basically the last acceptable religious prejudice.
My opinion on religion as a whole:

Don't proselytize.
^ I agree. I have never been proselytized by a catholic. part of the reason why I like them.

but at the same time they let anyone join.. even the lowest of the low.
To me the story of Blind Men and an Elephant is religion, as I don't know how to understand to capitulate on it any other way. I do need to say, its understanding in any format of religion takes too much time for me. I enjoy being informed of the stories enough to understand but to practice or to get into too much detail, is far too consuming of life. I believe it is good for some, it bides the void and comforts to afford a manageable perspective, through adversity and the positives in life. I understand the dedication and sanctity to some, and respect in kind enough to live and let live.
I don't think you need to worry too much about having your own opinion here. Most of us are cool with whatever you believe.

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I'll keep making 'religious' threads because it's a passion of mine.

But I don't promote one religion over another or bash other people's beliefs.

My opinion is that religions should simply make you happier, give you purpose, and help one become kinder to others.

Whatever religion or belief helps you do that is worthy of your attention IMO.

I agree that most religious debates are futile and should be avoided.

It's mostly just people trying to shout over one another over ideologies rather than seeking the 'heart' of what human beings are all about and finding a common truth.

I always choose my friends based on their character and inner goodness...not their religious beliefs.

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Yeah, one could argue that 'natural selection' itself is a form of 'intelligent design'.

An unseen form of intelligence that allows everything the opportunity to adapt and survive it's environment.

But physical evolution is not really my specialty.

My degree is in Interpersonal and Mass Media Communications.

You're life is your painting, you're work of art.

The question is, "what kind of art or painting am I interested in making?".

Even if one is not religious, these type of questions are 'religious questions' in their own way.
Every human being has potential for joy and happiness.

And that joy and happiness is never any further away than your own self IMO.

The key is finding and unlocking it.

There are so many people out there suffering...just waking up every day and going through the motions w/ a deep malaise and lack of purpose.

This is no way to live life.

We, as fellow human beings, should have deep compassion for the suffering of others even if we don't necessarily like them or have the same beliefs.
I promised myself after I came 'this close' to getting a drunk tattoo that I am taking this body to the grave with no mods or add ons.

No tats, no cosmetic surgery, no dying hair going grey, none of that shit.

Buy the ticket and take the ride! - Hunter S. Thompson

I'll ride this thing until the wheels fall off though. None of that 'easy exit' stuff. I'll definitely be taking this crazy train called life to the next station no matter what.

I want to get old, get up early, and do tai chi by the water in Hong Kong someday, like a fucking boss.
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