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Full Version: 100-50=100?
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Message box was at 100% pull so I deleted about half of my messages. Now my message box reads......100% full!

Good luck sending ol' Mega a private message!
I was gna send u some pong cock pic

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you have to empty the trashcan also mega
You have to delete them from the trash folder I believe.
Thanks guys.
Lol. Trash can is empty. Still says 100%.

I don't care though. This is really more of a freindly reminder than anything else.
try deleting 'sent items' also.
Thanks CTsar. But it didn't work.

It's okay, I've got hardly any messages left, and can't receive any. Life is good!
Okay, fixed it.
How? What was the fix?

I thought this was going to be about Common Core!
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