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Full Version: Merry Christmas from Masato Toys!
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Have a GREAT Holiday everyone...!!

Will be full w/ family for a while, but MUCH Peace/Love/Light to All

Here's to 2014, lets make is great

[Image: n1f4jfC.jpg]
merry xmas sir. send me a toy.
Merry Christmas boss! I got your conspiracy globe with Peru as Scotiabank as my wallpaper!

Gobless us every one.
Merry christmas stay warm don't eat way too much! Peace bros!

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merry christmas eve bro

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Merry Christmas boys.
Sleeping at my new GFs tonight. Hopefully this year will be better than the last, which wasn't that bad.
Merry Christmas Masato Toys!
Merry christmas y'all
Merry Christmas!!!
Happy Holidays! Just friggin kidding, Merry Christmas to.all
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas Motherfuckers

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Feliz Natal porra!
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