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Full Version: Music Documentaries, Post them here!
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Starting with the story of the greatest Christmas song ever... Fairy Tale of New York Parts 1-6

the incomparable kraftwerk.

arvo part

glenn gould

i watched the stone roses one you posted in the other thread. was good!

what sucks is that there is too much stuff too watch now..

any of these docs would be treasured if you have a VHS or DVD of them like 10 years ago.
I know! I love watching this stuff... esp. old stuff, so nostalgic.
GNR doc. I love their music

I honestly think GNR = greatest rock band of all time.
Slash played Hk a couple of years ago. I forgot why I didn't go. Kicking myself!
velvet revolver?

That stuff cannot compare with the original GNR.

although I think slash is one of the best guitarists ever.
No, not Velvet Revolver. It was him with Myles Kennedy on vocals. He's one of the greats for sure.
The modern day Mozart.

honestly i have never been impressed with Prince's stuff.. but then again I haven't listened to him that much.
yeah, he's not everyone's cup of tea. he's always been the one to travel the road nobody else dares to travel. But he is the most talented solo musican in the modern era for sure... all the greatest musicians bows down to him because he's just a monster at all the instruments and producing, songwriting, everything. I think he's an alien.
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