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Had some good pics taken last night of ganja muffins. GF decided to photoshop my shitty handwriting and the ganja. Women just don;t get it.

[Image: 1510542_10152130465901064_1493674796_n.j...839a476378]

[Image: ?ui=2&ik=6989852546&view...w1168-h529]

[Image: ?ui=2&ik=6989852546&view...w1168-h529]
Girl is a knockout Som-Pong. Some of the pictures don't show up for me.
the two bottom pics don't show. Perhaps VUTU stole them to build up his shanti!?!?!?!?
You going hipster on us galt?
She is real pretty, nice going
Slow down
is skinny ties back in fashion? I never knew that. I like the pic of you smoking and she has that I smell a fart face.
You look especially Asian when you smoke a bowl bro.
I can't see the last 2 pix.

She's hot bro. Good for u. Impregnate her already.

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I am super hipster. Lost my wallet last night.
Working hard on impregnating her.
(12-23-2013 12:07 AM)Hellfire Awaits Wrote: [ -> ]You look especially Asian when you smoke a bowl bro.

Pretty sure I'm quite Asian.
[Image: ogCMnMe.jpg]
Did we ever hear Galt's alibi on the above?
LOL that's me dudes, proctoring at school today.
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