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Full Version: Seven Hermetic Principles (Life)
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Interested to see how many are familiar with this & what types of laws that you apply to your life, if any. Being myself I always find my mind fluctuating through different aspects of perception always seeking more. I do have a good life but I feel as if I can attract more in different ways to improve my life every where. What are your takes on life, mentalities, meditations & anything else that is related to your inner self?
reading it. I am immediately reminded of Alice Bailey's Seven Rays.

Seems like the occultists are really into the Number 7.
also welcome to the board. Nice to have an occultist on board to share ideas with!
mystical catholicism also has the seven rays of light.

in this picture you can see seven rays

[Image: Annunciation_-_Jan_van_Eyck_-_1434_-_NG_Wash_DC.jpg]
(03-05-2013 04:31 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]also welcome to the board. Nice to have an occultist on board to share ideas with!

Thank you. Nice to get a reply from you. What are your outlooks on all of this, or just life in general? Also, where do you think the number 7 ultimately ties into? Seeing as it is pertained to so many things.
I think the main thing about the number 7 being special is probably 7 planets. this fascination with 7 dates back to ancient antiquity and even the Mithra cult.

regarding my outlook on this.. I think some of this stuff has truth in it, however I think it's too convoluted.

The occult stuff I believe in can be summarized in a 5000 character treatise called the tao teh ching.. i think it hits on a universal concept of how the world works.. and its basic principles.
I think there is a lot of truth to this stuff.. like the 5 sides of the pentagram.. curiously align with the chinese concept of the 5 elements.

the Yin/Yang thing is sort of reminiscent of the duality pole converging into 1.

however I think people are using these truths in a shady way to push a global agenda of control.

it's very easy to trick people using these "freedom ideologies"

these types of thoughts are gaining a lot of ground in today's world.. perhaps a reaction against the militant scientism culture that has relegated human beings to inputs in a large machine.
Quote:The number seven was considered sacred not only by all the cultured nations of antiquity and the East, but was held in the greatest reverence even by the later nations of the West. The astronomical origin of this number is established beyond any doubt. Man, feeling himself time out of mind dependent upon the heavenly powers, ever and everywhere made earth subject to heaven. The largest and brightest of the luminaries thus became in his sight the most important and highest of powers; such were the planets which the whole antiquity numbered as seven. In course of time these were transformed into seven deities. The Egyptians had seven original and higher gods; the Phœnicians seven kabiris; the Persians, seven sacred horses of Mithra; the Parsees, seven angels opposed by seven demons, and seven celestial abodes paralleled by seven lower regions. To represent the more clearly this idea in its concrete form, the seven gods were often represented as one seven-headed deity. The whole heaven was subjected to the seven planets; hence, in nearly all the religious systems we find seven heavens.
but please share your take on this.. I am only giving my opinion. I am more schooled in how the occult in general has shaped the modern world.. not really on its inner teachings.
Many religions also subscribe to the concept of seven heavens.
To be honest I've only recently discovered this & have applied it to my life in different forms. I can honestly say that I do believe in the 7 principles & feel like it's been in an improvement as far as technical thinking. Sort of like the 'Law of Attraction', there's also a book & video on that. I use this as a primary tool in order to reach my personal goals & just overall have a better life in general. I'm always positive so I believe that contributes to better findings. I'm curious to know how you bring forth better for yourself.
I would say this occult stuff is very good if you want material success, and being able to get what you want out of others.

I would advise you to look into this more, as it is deeply tied into Luciferianism.
(03-05-2013 05:35 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]I would say this occult stuff is very good if you want material success, and being able to get what you want out of others.

I would advise you to look into this more, as it is deeply tied into Luciferianism.

I've only been studying the principles not the full description. Maybe I'm going down the wrong road. I haven't committed myself to it, just been reading the basic 7 principles of thought. Would you mind explaining your beliefs?
yeah Professor Redneck, knows more about this area.

I would say I am more of a practical thinker. I try to focus on the hidden agendas that are shaping the modern world.

My beliefs is that there are fixed knowable truths. I believe there are a core set of truths that are pretty much fixed. I think many of the occultists cloud these basic truths to push an agenda.

The war against family and family values is one of the main ones. this is a core truth no one can disagree with, but somehow being a family values guy is akin to being a racist right winger in today's world.

the occult new agers have a lot to do with this.

I believe there is a time and place for the occult.. doing your art or your own personal time.. but you cannot operate a society with these 'self empowering' ideologies. The real world operates based on hierarchy. this is just a reality.
[Image: Hindu_chakra_system.jpg]

I couldn't see the article/video but I'm wondering if they have anything correlation to the 'Seven Chakras(Churches)'?

If so, I don't have some experience that area.

It's just not something I practice on any kind of regular basis.
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