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Full Version: Top Neuro-Scientist talks about the reality of MASS MIND CONTROL
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Dr. Tomabechi

[Image: ms_tomabechi.jpg]


BA in Linguistics from Sophia University (1983)

Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics from Carnegie Mellon University (1993)

Fulbright scholar at Yale University, Department of Computer Science, Cognitive Science Program, and the Artificial Intelligence Project.

Adjunct Fellow At Carnegie Mellon Institute


Quote:In order to keep a sound spirit that is not easily mind controlled, one must study a lot, and think a lot. What lacks in the previous question is "How do we exert our effort in what way?" It is important that you study on your own, and think on your own. If you don't do so, you end up receiving someone else's intelligent system. You may be accepting someone else's intelligent system because you do not want to work hard.
An interview: A brain-functionalist who deprogrammed AUM's top leaders
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A Devastating Scenario: A Mind Control Society

All humans are vulnerable to mind control. Cyber-Homeostasis (CH) theory, brain revolution,
psychotherapy, military brainwashing; the brain-functionalist,
who deprogrammed the AUM followers, talks

The rationale behind the danger of "mind business"
Quote:Dr.Tomabechi: I am a scientist not a clinical psychologist. I specialize in an area of the touching point of brain function and of spiritual activities, the area of the grounding problem. Deprogramming is a product and the result of the research in this area. The reason I succeeded in deprogramming is that the theory of CH works, not boasting my debrainwashing skill--I am not a skilled engineer as you know.

About CH theory, it is hypothesized that for humans the homeostasis function, the normalizing function of living beings, is extended to man's
information space (or mental processes). Humans recognize the information by reconstructing the message via their modal channels such as eyes and ears inside the brain.
This is a common sense. The problem is after that. For humans, the "fact" is not only one. Unlimited or infinite number of universe possibilities exist. This is what CH theory is about.

what he is basically saying is that our world is not just what we can see and hear with our own eyes and ears.. it EXTENDS beyond that with THOUGHTS/IDEAS/SYMBOLS/FANTASIES etc.

The OUTSIDE WORLD, can remold the INNER WORLD ie your BRAIN.. with BRAINWASHING MIND CONTROL TECHNIQUES. He will explain this in more detail.
Quote:All animals including humans have the function of homeostasis. They adjust their body temperature to outside temperatures, adjust their pulse and heart beat; they have these anti-environmental adjusting functions. In these cases, the biofeedback relation between the living being and the outside world is one to one. Humans, however, extended this biofeedback loop to the world of virtual reality, because they have over the years enlarged their frontal portion of the brains abnormally.

When watching a movie in a theater, the sensation of the chair on which you are sitting is outside of your reality. The realm of virtual reality is more attended than the physical reality. You will be experiencing abnormal consciousness lightly at the time. Because the worlds of virtual reality exist numerously, the biofeedback relation between the living being and the outside being no longer becomes one to one. People can move on to another virtual reality activity from one virtual reality activity; for example, watching movies, then to reading books, etc. Today computers can show us virtual reality. However, we humans have been exposed to virtual realities a long time before the advent of computers

Key point. When watching a movie or watching TV.. the reality of you sitting in a chair or even existing as a human being is forgotten temporarily while you are undergoing the suspension of disbelief.

When you walk on the street or hike in the woods.. your physical relation to the outside world matches.. you know you're walking, existing etc.

but humans have a special capability in extending reality or "brain processes" to artificial or made up worlds.
How brainwashing works:

Quote:Let us look into the mechanism of mysterious experience that religion may give us. As you know in the nucleus of mind control of the AUM, you will find a strong mystery experience. However it is not "mystery" at all. It is simply a virtual reality or image that popped up in one's brain. The AUM's religious mind control is to rewrite inside images from the outside using drugs, yoga, or meditation techniques that bring up a very strong state of abnormal nature. This means, that if the inside images have been rewritten from an outside control, in turn, the outside control can rewrite the inside. The logic, I used, to the AUM followers, is the above, rewriting of inside images.

so what he is saying here is that virtual reality has been IMPLANTED into these AUM cult followers. They have lost sense with reality through various techniques like meditation, drugs etc. The outside 'virtual world of ideas/religious mystery' has rewritten their internal brain code.
Quote:Dr.T: There is a limit to the rewriting of inside images from outside. Obviously, one cannot rewrite the information on one's genes. In 1993 I wrote a research paper whether the technology that appeared in Total Recall is principally feasible. It will not become real in the near future. Mind control is possible, although you may not erase and rewrite the memories to that extent (shown in Total Recall). Humans will become "killer robots" by the commands of a Guru, by some rewriting of the inside images. This became clear by the AUM incidents. This is scary. The basic technology and the absolute power of "mind control" was disclosed to the public. Unless, decent policies have been established, a bright 21st Century will not arrive.

Putting together what I have said, according to CH theory, what I can definitely say is "all humans are vulnerable to mind control." To put it in
better terms, "humans' fantasies or perceptions may be rewritten or controlled from the outside."
Whenever I say this, I always have rebuttals. First, no one likes to admit that he or she is a person whose mind is controlled.

Mind control is a reality.. and EVERYONE can possibly be a victim to this. this is from a REAL scientist.

it was proven when the AUM cult became mind controlled killers during the 1995 sarin gas attacks. REGULAR HIGHLY EDUCATED PEOPLE became CRAZED KILLERS! This is not SCI-FI bullshit. I only deal with REALISTIC TOPICS.
Quote:First, the cult groups that use a strong mind control like the AUM SHINRI KYO that transcended from the current society. Second, the seminars that tout self-development, self-promotion, self-actualization or the like, even if they do not collect money from the participants, are using mind control techniques. This second category includes Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP), hypnosis, group therapy such as Encounter Groups, and Transcendental Mediation ™. Third, classes for sensitivity trainings, sales talks, conducted for sales professionals in the corporate society pitched as human development seminars.

this was a comment from the interviewer but still useful.

It is interesting that they put NLP, Tony Robbins type seminars, sensitivity training as a type of MIND CONTROL operation.

I believe that too. These things are kind of like cults.
Quote:Dr. Tomabechi, you said a short while ago, that all humans are vulnerable to mind control. Also our inside images have possibly been rewritten by outside control. Those people seem to be close to the proponent of "all humans are mind controlled." Is their thinking correct? If it is incorrect, which part is incorrect? Besides if those thoughts are consistent, our self-image and recognition of reality become extremely uncertain. If this is true, how can we maintain our self-image to be responsible for our own thinking and behavior?

Dr.T: Let me answer the first part and the second separately. First, regarding subliminal messages, I do believe that the subliminal effect works, although some people don't believe it. The problem is after that. Let me define the term. I disagree in mind control, if one mind controls oneself.

...in other words, in precise terms, "mind control" is defined as to unconsciously control the other person's mind against his or her will.

Why is it wrong? Because we do not know the result or the effect of the action positive or negative. We do not know whether the other person's action is based on goodwill or not, we cannot tell. In other words, it is the problem of self-responsibility. For your own responsibility, you rule, you control, you think, you command and you act it out. Whether the result is good or bad, it is your responsibility. If you confuse this aspect, one ends up blaming someone else for the cause of mind control, blaming the society.

As people who live in a highly developed capitalistic society or information age society, we say we are mind controlled? If you interpret it in that way, it seems to me, they are embedded in a huge language problem. If a scientist sets up a hypothesis, tests it, then he or she produces, for example, a linear car, an engineering success, we do not say that the scientist is mind controlled. "The values we share in our modern society are given by someone" if you say this, all humans live in a modern society that has misfortunes. We cannot find anyone who made us control our minds. In our life, there are things that can not be altered "such is life."

Yep. Control your own mind. I believe the Catholic Church preaches this too. God cannot judge those who do not control their own actions. This is why they are the biggest defenders of free will.
like. it's not wrong to like material items. If you like a nice car because you truly like it based on your OWN judgement.. then it's cool.

If you are being programmed to like it through commercials or associations, that is mind control.

Advertising manipulation is a type of low level mind control.. however I do believe that "self empowering" seminars, NLP, occult fraternities are a type of mind control
Quote:newly arriving religion and self-improvement seminars, etc. bring an abnormal mental state, brings down your consciousness level; they are no doubt mind controllers. Traditional religions are well known to everyone, the contents of their teaching are known to people in history. It no longer can be called a black box. They are a little better than the former. Religions or secret sects of mysterious ideology whose contents of teaching and practice are kept secret are dangerous because their values (hidden agenda) may not be the same as ours. The typical example is the AUM.

As long as Self controls Self, it is not mind control. In modern society, one's responsibility and one's definition exist, and one's dignity exists, thus it is not a mind control society.

Self controls self. KEY POINT.

Also stuff like CHRISTIANITY IS NOT MIND CONTROL. ALL THEIR TEACHINGS ARE PUBLICLY KNOWN and are EMBEDDED IN THE WIDER CULTURE. CHRISTIANITY is a very OVERT religion. it tells you Don't do this, don't do that. there is actually LITTLE MANIPULATION involved.

He also agrees that OCCULT SOCIETIES and NEW AGE SEMINARS are super MIND CONTROL institutions.

this is the problem I have with freemasonry, their teachings are secret and only to be revealed in "successive' stages.. same with Scientology. The DR. would classify these things as MIND CONTROL.
No surprise that the occult religion is the 'mystery religion'

this is the EASIEST way to manipulate people.

Adam Weishaupt the founder of the illuminati knew this... he used fancy mysterious concocted tales to control the freemasons.
Why do scientists in Japan talk about real things.. yet very few scientists in the US dare to talk about these important topics?

This is real science, pondering possibilities, exploring UNCHARTERED psychological, scientific territory.

I personally believe MANY PEOPLE are mind controlled , esp. in western societies. their thoughts have been IMPLANTED to them through the media.

Irregular, weird thoughts like FAMILY VALUES = right wing.. patriot = gun nut... truther = conspiracy theorist

I found out how strong this mind control was when I tried to convince people that the Church actually does some good things.. they could not accept it, even if I showed them proof. This is mind control. I am not a roman church fan per se, but the demonization and the widespread public acceptance of it.. is MIND CONTROL. there is no other explanation.
Hey man... He's obviously just not creative enough to understand the greatness of the west.
No he credits the west with a lot of stuff, esp. material science. but over time science has become a religion and certain topics are taboo.

the contribution of the west is undeniable, but they will lose their edge if they continue to deny reality.
Been grading tests today. It intrigued me how many students stated flat out that money is important to them. That would not happen in a Swedish school.
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