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Full Version: Cultural Marxism, a very important topic
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When the marxists realized that communism by gunpoint did not work and was a massive failure, they regrouped and decided to engage in a soft revolution.

Cultural marxism/political correctness are some of their most powerful tools!
what they do is basically not destroy any institution.

for example they would not shut down this forum, they would just infiltrate it and subvert it.

that is what they did to the Catholic Church. they did not destroy it, they merely transformed it into something that was useful for their purposes.

it is no surprise that the new Catholic Church is called "novus ordo" or NEW ORDER.
terms to research:




this is seriously one of the KEYS to understanding what is happening today.
One of my favorite docs right now.
(02-05-2013 10:48 AM)Savage Napkin Wrote: [ -> ]One of my favorite docs right now.

this should be taught in the schools.

the pro-cultural marxism stuff should be taught too.

let the students decide.
An incredibly important topic.

will watch now.
people mistakenly think communism was defeated after the fall of the berlin wall.

it was not defeated.

even the neo-con right wing are liberal commies. they were basically trotsykite that subverted the right wing and molded it for its own purposes, namely getting the evangelicals to be a strong zionist/war support base.
Dr. Kevin MacDonald has a whole chapter about the Frankfurt School in The Culture of Critique.

[Image: Book-Cover-The-Culture-of-Critique-MacDonald.gif]

The whole book is online in PDF form at The Culture of Critique.
^ welcome to the board Barry!
Kevin McDonald has some interesting views and is quite an expert in this area. he is a tenured professor as well.
Thanks, EY. Great forum, btw. I hope it'll continue to grow.

Yes, he's tenured, and if he wasn't he'd be unemployed. SPLC has put on quite a smearing campaign against him but he's prevailed, though I guess he's somewhat of a pariah at his institution...
^ i heard a radio interview with him once, and he basically said even his students make fun of him.

it's pretty sad.

hey.. people should be FREE TO EXPRESS their opinion! I don't agree with everything he says, but if he uses evidence.. people should pay attention.

i don't think that guy preaches hate either.
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