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Dude I just got home and about to shower to see some girl... Damn. You gna be on all night?

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fuck it next itme then

public noose is in
You still doing it the app costs a couples of bucks

Come kick it http://www.reddit.com/r/letusbang
At work Sad Hopefully my internet will work when I get home and you can hear a voice that is the envy of cherubim.
I'm in one second

Come kick it http://www.reddit.com/r/letusbang
I guess I'm the only one in here

Come kick it http://www.reddit.com/r/letusbang
kj left me

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I'm at the bar. Dong tell me about april 12 1988 socal

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Girl is aries, I need to know about her loll

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very good match for you but she'll boss you around and you'll like it.

you also have to play hard to get with her. you have to appear to not be that interested. don't look at her all puppy eyed. DO NOT COME ON STRONG WITH HER. DO NOT FORCE HER TO KISS YOU. Just appear complacent and follow her lead. Let her come to you. If she wants to be closer let her come......... be funny and unattainable.

after your date, i would advise against calling her for 1 entire week. if at some point she doesn't reach out to you then reach out to her. she is an extreme alpha type female. she wants to lead. so you let her.

if she calls you at any point in that week, then you have it in the bag.
Aries girl very strong. Like a man
DONG: May 25th, 1983 Bangkok Thailand?
she's gemini bro. not a taurus. she's a true gemini too, as in lots of gemini placements. i won't kill your buzz.

BUT PROCEED WITH CAUTION. Enjoy while it lasts.
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