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Full Version: Putin Gives Painting of Tsar Nicholas 2 to Indian PM
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Huge symbolic gesture.

Putin is modeling himself on Tsar Nicholas.

lol @ anyone who thinks Russia is still Bolshevik or Communist.

Putin presents Manmohan Singh with lithograph painting of Russian monarch Nicholas II

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In a gesture marking their close friendship, Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday presented visiting Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh a lithograph painting of Russian monarch Nicholas II who had visited India in the 19th century, a map of India of that time as well as a Mughal coin.

The "very special gesture" of the Russian president "went beyond protocol" as no one had an inkling of it. The Russian president had personally got the items, said Indian Ambassador Ajai Malhotra to reporters here at a briefing.

Not only did Putin present Manmohan Singh with the gifts, he also explained the significance of the items, said the envoy.

Putin recalled the history of the early 1900s and the attempt by the tsar to open a Russian consulate in India.

The Russians had first applied to open a diplomatic mission in Bombay in 1857, but the British rulers were not helpful. Nicholas had visited 30 Indian cities during his trip.

The Mughal coin showed the close trade ties that India and Russia have shared for ages, said the envoy.

Putin's gifts were aimed to showcase how India-Russia ties were part of history, he added.

Read more at: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/putin...17402.html
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what happened after Tsar Nicholas Fell?

30-60 million dead.. mostly Christians.

People just don't learn.

Tsar Nicholas loved his country.
that's the nutless cuckold that watched on as his wife got sexually enslaved by Rasputin btw.
^ hahaha. is that true?
man learn yourself some history bro

Quote:there has been much uncertainty over Rasputin's life and influence, as accounts have often been based on dubious memoirs, hearsay and legend.[10] Colin Wilson stated in 1964 "No figure in modern history has provoked such a mass of sensational and unreliable literature as Grigory Rasputin. More than a hundred books have been written about him, and not a single one can be accepted as a sober presentation of his personality. There is an enormous amount of material on him, and most of it is full of invention or willful inaccuracy. Rasputin's life, then, is not 'history'; it is the clash of history with subjectivity."
This part about Rasputin is likely true though. He was a model Christian monk Smile
tsar nicolas exactly 100 years ago today

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Learn about the curious case of the death of Nicholas II's PM Stolypin:

PMs at that time required the Tsar's approval AFAIK. The Tsar was the "autocrat", controlling the government police and having final say over the state. PM Stolypin had a major falling out with Nicholas II, personal and professional. He tried to get Rasputin banned from the Tsar's residence. Nicholas II's mom gave him such a tongue thrashing apparently for planning to remove PM Stolypin from office that it hurt him very much emotionally. The Tsar continued to plan Stolypin's removal, however. Stolypin said that if he got killed it would be by the police. Some curiosities about how things turned out in his case.
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