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Full Version: Vaccine progression throughout the decades
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This is absolutely sickening.
Very good. It ought to be more.

Sooner or later we will also have vaccines for homosexuality, narcolepsy, and type I diabetes. Yes, you heard me correctly.
Crazy shit.
^^ What if the side effects of the vaccine are as bad or worse than what you are vaccinating against?
(03-01-2013 04:23 PM)GMB13 Wrote: [ -> ]^^ What if the side effects of the vaccine are as bad or worse than what you are vaccinating against?

Highly doubtful. You have to remember that during the early 1950s, there were roughly 50,000 cases of childhood poliomyelitis in the United States every year. And among those 50,000 cases, roughly half of all children developed life-long paralysis.

Hospitals everywhere in the United States were overstaffed, and every single children's hospital wing looked just like this:

[Image: Iron_Lung_Photo_cropped_small.jpg]

Jesus. Vioxx only killed about 40,000 people in total, yet the ENTIRE nation freaked out over it. Controlling for population growth, imagine if 0.1 million children developed lifelong paralysis every decade in the United States.

If a preventative measure were discovered, would you give it to your own children, even if there were unknown, possibly life-long side effects?


Even the early polio vaccine invented by Jonas Salk in 1952 had nasty side effects in a minority of patients, some of whom ended up worse because of it. But did it still save thousands of lives? YES IT DID.

Polio was completely eradicated in India by the 1970s, which is funny, because India was still then, and is still now a filthy shithole. So poor sanitation is only partially the cause of disease. You are a fool if you think the reduction in disease over the past 100 years is entirely the cause of improved hygiene, and has nothing to do with vaccines.

Anti-vaxxers are correct that the vast majority of children who developed whooping cough, measles, etc. during the 1990s were vaccinated. But that's because nearly everybody was vaccinated in the first place, not because vaccines don't work.

That's like saying clean drinking water doesn't prevent giardiasis... Because the vast majority of people who contract giardiasis in the United States (i.e. homosexuals) exclusively drink purified water. WTF? Maybe we should all adopt India's strategy of children shitting in the streets and bathing in shit water.

These people are denying KOCHS POSTULATES. A central tenet of immunology, that is about as secure as evolutionary theory or Newton's Laws.

The tiny minority of individuals who contracted the disease did so in spite of overwhelming odds. If you know anything about immunology, vaccines are not perfect, and you can still contract the disease as long as the pathogen level in your body crosses a certain threshold. Being surrounded by hundreds of people who are sick because they have not been vaccinated might do this.

That wasn't the worst of all. The Plague of Justinian (6th century A.D.) wiped out 40 percent of the population of Constantinople is just two years.

Imagine all those grieving widows, orphans, grandchildren crying in their homes.

People had to stack up the bodies like firewood and burn them in the streets because they were dying so quickly. There was no time even for a mass Christian burial.

The Great Plague of London (17th century) wiped out anywhere from 1/5 to 1/3 of the population of London. Even in the 20th century, the Spanish Flu killed anywhere from 40-60 million people worldwide.

People who oppose vaccines have no historical memory whatsoever.

They truly have no idea how much human misery, even in their grandparents' generation, was the product of infectious disease. Even something like WHOOPING COUGH has the potential to cause high-fever that may permanently lower your child's IQ.

We only discovered within the past several decades that 95% of rectal and cervical cancers are caused by the human papilloma virus. And yes, there is a vaccine for that. VIRUSES CAUSE CANCER.

And lately there is mounting evidence that things like schizophrenia, homosexuality, and bipolar disorder may be triggered by a viral infection in early childhood. Most autoimmune disorders such as MS and Parkinson's disease may also be the product of viral infections.


What I am saying is this.

Are their possible, life-long consequences associated with vaccination that scientists have not taken into account?


Could vaccines possibly cause harm to a minority of the population, that outweighs the risk of any infectious disease for those unlucky few?

(Again, probable.)

Is big pharma pushing vaccines on the public primarily to make money?

(Possible, but doubtful. If you look at the numbers, there's not much money to be made in vaccines, except for seasonal varieties like flu shots.)

Do vaccines even work, for the most part?

(HELL YES. If you deny this, you are a creationist.)

Are some vaccines, like MRSA or the chickenpox vaccine, possibly unnecessary, and being pushed on the public for dubious motives?


Even if the worst of conspiracy theorists' objections were proven true, would vaccines still be worth it?

I have a whole book that goes through the pros and cons of each and every one of these vaccines.

It should be required reading by every parent before getting this done.

Of course, we are not that far away the state refusing services(public schooling, etc.) to any parent or child that stray from the program.
This is what I am saying.

Are there lots of pharmaceutical drugs that actually alleviate disease, relieve human suffering, and even cure illness? YES. Try getting root canal without novocaine.

But should you accept every single drug being pushed on the market? NO.

Are there corrupt people who push certain drugs, even though they have a proven record of causing harm, and are of dubious medical value? YES. Vioxx killed about 40-60 thousand people in the United States.

Does this mean you should oppose ALL DRUGS whatsoever? Hell no.

This is the same with vaccines.

There are crazy people out there pushing disinfo that vaccines don't work, or that all of them are bad, or that there are hazardous contaminants in most vaccines. None of this is remotely true.

Vaccines are the #1 greatest achievement of Western civilization.
Vaccines are for bitches.
I've also been known as an anti-drug/anti-pharma type of guy.

But I do agree with this.

A lot of medicine is beneficial and necessarily.

But the other half of it...controllable through lifestyle changes, eating choices, and taking care of your mental outlook.

A friend of mine is a pharmacist and has to turn people away all the time.

Mostly people having minor injuries and coming in with pain killer requests that are way out of proportion to what they actually have.

A lot of doctors are so strained on time that they often just give people whatever they ask for so long as the person appears to have some sort of issue.

My experience w/ prozac type drugs is similar...you tell a doctor you're depression and you can get a prescription in 15 minutes and be on your way.
Huge views.

I miss the non-trolling attack tactic.
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