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Full Version: Dr. Carol Swain lays the smack down
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A lot of people try to dismiss this woman and they do a good job of it, she gets very little views for her videos on youtube. Personally I think she's brilliant in her own way.

It's a long talk and she covers some pretty sensitive social issues. I never thought I would align so well with religious people but when you start to listen objectively it's very difficult to refute. I still don't believe in the invisible skydaddy however it's easy to see a lot of the issues western society suffers from is the destruction of a common moral system and replacement with "what feels good".

Can't watch the video at work, but as a former militant atheist, I know exactly what you mean. Ideally, people wouldn't need a common moral system in order for them to live good lives. Unfortunately, the world is far from ideal.
That isn't really a topic of discussion (directly) in this video but it becomes apparent the more I see that it is a major issue in western society as a whole.
Thanks. I'll watch this later on.
Good post symbolik. On the same boat as you.
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