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I believe that site was called "savethemales.ca"


the original NOMARRIAGE.COM lol.
TAIWAN- Feminization of the male population in China has been enacted via a very different pathway than the one used in the West.

Men have been so dominant, so violent, so arbitrary, so lascivious, for so long in this culture -- and to a far greater degree than in Western cultures -- that the merest introduction of the possibility of "independence" for women has produced a ferociously schizoid modern female culture.

Women want "real men", but they have become confused over what a "real man" could be. Westerners know all this, about cultures in general.

What Westerners don't know is that this "modernization" of certain Asian cultures has produced differentiated strata which do not exist in Western culture.

None of these strata are harmonious. They are each in conflict with every other, and the overall calculation is that everyone is confused.

You see, Men have been so rotten to women for so long, in this place, that women either seek out dominant abusers and/or controllers, or they want thin, bony, tender-voiced utterly non-threatening "providers", or they abscond completely out of a lack of strategic intelligence and just become fat-assed and shrill.

Men have treated women like shit -- pardon me -- for so long, in this place, and not the same as in the West but far worse, that the backlash now is the call for boys who are soft and tender and harmless, except with the abuse-and-domination seekers.

In the West, it's different. The gay movements are far more prevalent, and accepted. But here, "women" tend to want to go with wimpy "men".

It's pathetic. It has produced an epidemic of sub-male freaks. They wear pink -- it's a goddamned fad to wear pink. THEY WEAR PINK. They dress like women, in pigeon-leg jeans. - See more at: http://www.henrymakow.com/the_feminizati...8897T.dpuf

Men of South Korea and the rest of NE Asia, dont fall for this shit you f*ggots!
Hey dude, my phone is pink!
I disagree that women have been treated like shit for centuries in asia.

you could make the argument that men are treated like shit because they have done all the hard work, fought the wars, dedicated their life to providing for the famly etc.

women have always held power inside the house.. while men had the power outside the house.

I disagree with Makow's assessment.

Feminism has taken a literal turn in Asia.. meaning women are going for their own self interest... relying on men for money.. while choosing not to work and enjoy.
I have his book 'Illuminati: The Cult that Hijacked the Wold' on my desk right now.

I do agree with EY, I don't agree w/ all of his conclusions.

But most of his facts are pretty solid.

A couple interesting things about Makow(if I remember correctly).

He wrote a newspaper column as a child and was a guest on "Who's Line Is It Anyway?"

He's the inventor of the game 'Scruples'.

Makow is a very interesting guy.
^ he's def. interesting. He's a jewish guy that loves Christianity.

this is him as a youngster.

The strata in the West is not harmonious, as this seems to imply.
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