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Full Version: The Winged Beatle - Paul vs Faul
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I finally saw this 2010 doco about the fake Paul McCartney theory, i'm not a subscriber to the theory although his physical change in 1967 is very noticeable and strange. However, the documentary is well made and presents some interesting evidence and touches on other parts of the Beatle "conspiracy", such as their interest in the occult.

[Image: paul_faul_vintage.gif]

[Image: macca_66_67_comp.jpg]
His explanation for being barefoot in the Abbey Road picture is odd. It was so hot he took off his sandals? Doesn't make sense when you're walking across a blacktop road.

Anyway, I think the occult connection was just a marketing tool.

To this day that Devil worshiping nonsense sells records (see Ke$ha). Imagine how effective it was back when the Beatles were the only band using it, and consumers weren't desensitized.

The Beatles were the prototype for the corporate created boy band. They had savvy ghost writers who understood the youth culture of that era, and were backed by world class marketing. At least that's my opinion.
[Image: scar2op.jpg]

[Image: paulfaulbassheight21.jpg?w=614]
Gimp, I agree that they were the prototype for everything that came afterwards. The occult stuff was not for marketing in my opinion, because hardly anyone at the time knew about it. The cryptic clues on albums, and the whole Paul is dead thing was probably marketing and nothing serious, but I do believe that the people at Tavistock who made them famous, were heavily into the occult. They guided the Fabian Four by the hand, and influenced everything they did in the public eye, they even named them the Beatles after the sacred Egyptian Scarab Beetle.

CTstar those pics are confusing, so Faul has the same scar on his chin as Paul, but Faul is also considerably taller than Paul?

the scars look very different. I think that maybe Faul underwent plastic surgery to replicate the chin scar but the surgeon did a piss poor job.
(10-27-2013 02:15 PM)CTsar Wrote: [ -> ]the scars look very different. I think that maybe Faul underwent plastic surgery to replicate the chin scar but the surgeon did a piss poor job.

Ahh, yeah that makes sense.

The pre 1967 Paul does look very different to the post 1967 version.

interesting about the scarab beatle
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSipUrwEnUC1vsTl22VKSh..._jOM52k7X0]
Billy's facial features resembled those of a Sicilian person in fact, so he wasn't quite even a white guy:

[Image: 189.jpg]

[Image: 450_al-pacino-al-pacino-scarface-1262627639.jpg]
what is your take CTsar?
my take is that it's probably the same guy based on his post-67 music, but he does look very different.
the idea is not as crazy as people think.

I do know that just decades ago they used IMPOSTER POPES and Nuns.

the lady of fatima sister was replaced with an imposter.
[Image: decept4.gif]
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