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Full Version: Forum Suggestion
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I was thinking we should have a "Men Going There Own Way" sub forum to add to the other two. Issues like divorce, no marriage, and relationship advice can be discussed there.

I think it's important enough to have its own section. I will contribute frequently. And if it needs a monderator, I would certainly help.

Thoughts on the matter?
Lol. Only if you can get the ADONIS .


what do people think?

I can talk about this with skynet.. I would like to hear other people's thoughts on the matter.
honestly, I wish we can get the adonis here lol. He was hilarious.
^ it was rumored he was the owner of "nomarriage.com"

LOL. dunno if it is true but he preached a similar philosophy.

what a diff. undersized nipples makes!
At least on the OG were the nipples make the man.
TTT for opinions.

our original conception was to make it 2 big forums! lol.

But we were thinking of a tag system where people could tag the threads with a few set topics like "relationships, conspiracy, music" etc.. and then one could transform the forum view to showing threads by topic.
^ I like the idea for tags by the OP. I think it would really improve a sub forum system, because you could just search the topic rather than check each individual sub forum. I think a few sub forums would be a good idea. Even if it goes the way of the OG where 99% of the threads are posted on the main forum, it is nice that people have the option to post in a specific sub forum. Options are good.
Yes, I was thinking of a "dual view" system

where we can basically provide a few set tags.. maybe like 5-10.. and then give people a choice to view in subforum mode or aggregate mode.

i'm not sure how difficult it would be to implement, but i'm sure this system would be the best balance.

me personally I just like 2 big boards.. kind of a like a flea market or garage sale . never know what you're gonna get.
and if we get sophisticated.. we can assign mods to these sub forums as well.

it's just a technical thing.. I'm not sure how powerful this MYBB thing is.
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