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Full Version: 4 day random sample of Erotic Movie Titles & Descriptions
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A random 4 day sample of erotic movie descriptions on DirecTV’s XSTY, Hustler (HUST) and Venus (VNUS) channels

Once You Go Black 3 (XTSY) – Once a slut goes black she won’t go back. Witness her first oversized thrust of ebony love. These girls are so satisfied they’re numb.
Interracial Orgasm (HUST) – Big black poles enter holes of every color!
Stuffing Mexibutts (XTSY) – Hear her sexy Latin whimpers all in Spanish! Give her enough to arch her back! The louder she moans the more she’s loving it.
Tender Tight Holes 2 (XSTY) – She’s jiggling her sexy black body and waiting for a huge dark stud to satisfy her. That sexy badonkadonk is getting worked!
Hard Black Meat 2 (XTSY) – Bow down to some serious Nubian royalty. They know how to strut, rule and dominate so there’s no resisting. It’s black reign, show some respect.
10 Best: Black in MILFs (XTSY) – It’s a soccermom sex fest of the 10 hottest MILFs taking the longest darkest men. Horny housewives love it black and they battle for our #1 spot.
Amateur Latinas (HUST) – Inexperienced Latinas have their first porn tryouts …. With big black meat!
Asian Adventure (HUST) – Horny Asian beauties love you long time and most definitely sucky sucky!
Big Booty Moms 2 (HUST) – Big bootied white MILFs love big black meat!
Hot & Spicy Latinas (HUST) – Hot & spicy chicas get their piñatas popped and covered in hot sauce!
Fresh Mex Booty 2 (XTSY) – Fresh from south of the border and hornier than a Spanish fly these babes are ready and willing to show off their talent.
Latina Assploitation (HUST) – Young sizzling Latinas love it packed in tight!
Urban sex adventures 2 (HUST) – These nasty ladies are ready for a black beef injection!
Take It Black (HUST) – Horny Sluts can’t get enough black meat!
Big Black Meat Addiction 5 (HUST) – Beautiful white babes worship big black boners with oral devotion!
Big Wet Black Breasts (HUST) – We lavish the breasts of voluptuous ebony superstars with glistening oil!
Ghetto Throat Love (HUST) – Hot and steamy all black mouth action! Watch these eager ebony babes open wide!
Phat White Booty 2 (HUST) – White girls got back too!
Oriental Dream Sluts (XTSY) – Sit back as warm lips wrap around you and transport you to the exotic eroticism of the Orient.
Juicy White Booty 3 (HUST) – These white chicks are juicy, thick, and craving big black meat!

the rest here.. too tired to bold the names
Bang That Black Booty White Boy 3 (HUST) – Watch black beauties get busy with white boys!
12in of Black Meat (XSTY) – Ultra petite white girls and huge black men! They take more dark rods than they can handle, yet they survived and loved every second!
Her First Big Black One (XSTY) – Their mouths can’t open wide enough to take a nightstick this big. The biggest black studs give these girls the bowlegged time of their lives.
Young Asian Cuties 2 (VNUS 2006) – A hot fantasy is all she can think about. She wants to get married at any cost, regardless of the circumstances. Hard sex is her strongest weapon. She makes promises but she will also have to keep them …
Asian Corruptions (XSTY) – You can’t corrupt Asian girls that are already this bad! Experience the most exotic, provocative and submissive sex freaks the Orient has to offer.
White Girls Get Busy (HUST) – Horny white sluts get stuffed with big black meat! How many inches of ebony fit into an ivory slit? Let’s find out!
Big Black Wet Butts 8 (HUST) – These voluptuous black beauties know how to wiggle and jiggle their glistening bubble butts.
Ramming Latin rear (XTSY) – Latin girls have the biggest, roundest, juiciest booty in the world. Grab a few and finish them off, bottoms up!
Juicy Latin Coochie – Hot black on brown bangin’!
Young Tight Latinas (HUST) – Horny Latina sluts ready to get down and dirty!
Black Biker Sluts (XTSY) – Some women were born to ride, and to be ridden, and these five gorgeous black biker babes do both with the pedal to the metal.
White Trash Nurses – Hot and nasty nurse action!
Exxxtasy Island (XTSY) – Take a vacation to the shimmering sands of a tropical island. But beware the native women; they’re frisky and haven’t seen a man for quite some time.
Girls Who Love Dark Meat (HUST) – Poprn superstar Belladonna takes it hard from big black studs!
Addicted to Latinas (XTSY) – Their silky brown skin, the sensual way they move their bodies. Admit it: you can’t help but be addicted to Latina lovin’.
My First Black Guy 4 (HUST) – Little white girls get their first taste of black meat … and love it! Series.
My First Brotha: Big N Black (XTSY) – Real women! Real sex! For the first time, these beautiful sexy ladies have their darkest wishes granted.
Booty Talk (HUST) – Big black booty babes give up their goods!
Invasian! 3 (HUST) – Gorgeous Asian beauties invade your dreams with their mysterious erotic charms! Series.
Black Chicks White Sticks (XTSY) – She’s rubbing her dark skin all over our thick white sticks and we’re just waiting for her to ease that flawless black booty down and around us.
10 Best: 12 Inchers (XTSY) – Out ten pole junkies prove there isn’t a man alive too big. In the end only one contestant is left standing, the rest can’t even walk straight.
Black Booty Worship 2 (HUST) – The finest, firmest, most curvaceous ebony booty in porn, assembled here for your inspection! Series.
Dark Meat, White Treat (HUST) – These girls are more comfortable in the dark!
Big Black Meat & The Beauties 13 (XTSY) – Asian girls, white girls, black girls – Biggz loves them all! And no matter the color, these beauties just can’t get enough of his monstrous manhood.
Horny Spanish Flies 2 (XTSY) – We found authentic Latin babes straight from the equator that were willing to hop on our saddle and take a truly hard ride for a chance at fame.
12 Inches Deep in Blondes (XTSY) – When blondes say they have more fun they mean they can take enormous black men like seasoned pros. They just won’t stop pushing their limits.
Made In Brazil (HUST) – 5 fierce one-on-one scenes with totally insatiable Latinas!
Ghetto Beauty (HUST) – The big jiggly butt edition! Booty all day … ‘Nuff said!
Too Big Too Black (XSTY) – Nothing satisfies ivory nymphets quite like an ebony stud with a monster asset. Big and black are the key players in this game of insane interracial.
12 Inch Manhammer (XTSY) – Lex Steele’s Dark Throbbing Pant Prince allows him to unleash the awesome power of the black manhammer upon sex starved females.
Latin Booty Bounce (HUST) – Big bouncing Latin booties!
Banging Foreigners (XTSY) – Travel to far away places, see exotic lands, and become acquainted with the hottest, freshest foreign women,
Black Sexy Lesbians (HUST) – All girl, all black, all nasty!
Oiled Up Interracial Whores (HUST) – Scorching scenes of hot sluts getting covered in glistening oil… and more.
12 Inches Black in Cracks (HUST) – How do they like to fill their cracks? With a piece of man meat that’s big, bulging and black!
Black Up My Mom (XTSY) – 40 year old meat craving mothers bury enormous amounts of thick black inches. When mom gets horny it’s never too big, never too black.
I Need It Black (HUST) – I’m a horny white slut, and what I love most are huge black rods! There’s nothing like opening wide for that throbbing ebony monster, or bending over to fill me up.
Black Poles in Asian Holes (XTSY) – Exotic Asian pearls get rock-hard black rod slammin’! Dark studs crack open the tight fortune cookies on these babes for a whoregasmic happy ending!
Juicy Black Badonkadonks (XTSY) – The fallen angels are always more fun and these sexy angels couldn’t get their perfect black booties any deeper in sin.
Oiled Up Brotha Bangers 3 (HUST) – Oil spews all over horny white sluts as they’re drilled and pumped by black meat!
Big Booby Moms 2 (HUST) – Big bootied white MILFs love big black meat!
Luscious Latin Ass (HUST) – Sweet senoritas who love nothing more than to wiggle their luscious behinds for the boys! Filled with the hottest & horniest Latinas in the biz! Watch as they use their charms to get filled with mucho meat!
Asian Booty Worship (HUST) – The finest, firmed, most curvaceous Asian butts in porn!
Bent Over For All Black Bangin’ (XTSY) – Black sluts have the wet pink to make your ships sink! Watch sweet soul sistas spread wide and wrap their plump lips around long, thick shafts!
Young Tight Latinas (HUST) – Young and spicy sluts of the Southwest!
Amateur Black Booty Patrol (HUST) – We roll through the hood looking for amateur straight willing to take a drilling! We find a fresh array of whores with fine ass back doors! Watch amateur black faces get dirty in all different places!
Hot & Spicy Latina Ass (HUST) – Habaneros hotties! These spicy sluts are heating up the sex circuit! Their tight tacos crave giant came, and they won’t stop until they get it all.
Black Meat, White Treat (XTSY) – These sexy real white babes came to us begging for a task of our huge legendary black studs. We’re not selfish and there was plenty to go around.
My First Black Guy 6 (HUST) – I always fantasized about getting impaled by huge black meat but I was too nervous to try it … until now!
Big Wet Brazilian Butts 2 – Voluptuous figures and gigantic butts ripe for being smothered in oil!
Black Azz Bouncing on White Shafts (XTSY) – Bombin’ black beauties are starving for a special kind of beef stick. These ebony girls are spread wide to take it deep from massive, white meat!
White Booty Worship (HUST) – Nasty black on white action doesn’t get any better than this
12 Inch Black on Black (XTSY) – Black babes love a hung brotha! See these sexy ebony goddesses give it all up and moan out multiple nail sinking, lip biting orgasms!
Too Big Too Black (XTSY) – Nothing satisfies ivory nymphets quite like an ebony stud with a monster asset. Big and black are the key players in this game of insane interracial.
2 Big 2 Black 2 (XTSY) – These dirty length loving chicks take enormous black mandingos! Watch determined nymphos ease, squeeze and push more dark meat than they can handle.
White Sticks Black Hips 2 (XTSY) – Gorgeous ebony hotties take it to the streets and find proof that white guys measure up too!
Asian Nation 2 (XTSY) – 2007 Several gorgeous Asian sex kittens take on porn’s horniest studs.
Black Guys in Latin Chicks 2 (HUST) – Lusty Latinas sure do howl when these brothers have their way with them.
Interracial Teen Penetration (HUST) – It’s fun to be a teen until you get punished! Young white sluts have very been very bad girls, and our thick black studs are ready to show them the error of their ways!…
Fresh Meat 2005 (HUST) – Unstoppable hardcore from the cream of the crop American and European porn talent.
Big black pop addiction – These girls are obsessed with black meat!
100% Interracial Sex (XTSY) – Exotic Asians, spicy Latinas, black beauties, and white babes spread wide for taboo interracial sex! These horny honeys demand it hardcore!
Sex Feast From the East (HUST) – These Asian girls are fresh faced and ready to please!
12 Inch Blacks In Cracks (HUST) – How do they like to fill their crack? With a piece of man meat that’s big, bulging and black!
Interracial Teen Nymphos 2 (HUST) – Horny white girls crave big black meat, and they get it! Do you need to know anything else? Let’s see how many times black goes into white!
Asian Ass Addicts (HUST) – Do you like tight Asian snatch? They love to fuckee suckee, and they’re waiting to take your big meat in their tiny little fortune cookies! Drop your load all over their pretty faces!
Big Black Bangers (HUST) – Horny ivory babes stretch their lil pink lips wide for huge mocha member thrusting while their bodies quiver from multiple black rod-induced orgasms.
Too Big For Your Mouth (HUST) – This big black meat is too big for their mouths … and everywhere else! But these hungry young sluts don’t mind; their motto is “there’s no such thing as too big!”
Full Service Latinas (HUST) – Horny Latinas take care of all your needs! The only word they know in English is “Yes!”
White Girls Get Busy (HUST) – Horny white sluts get stuffed with big black meat! How many inches of ebony fit into an ivory slit? Let’s find out!
Asian MILF Attack (HUST) – ASIAN MILFs spread for for white poles to thrust deep inside their wet , EXOTIC MUFFS. They show young studs how Far East babes get down and dirty!
Latina’s Leg Spread (XTSY) – Fresh came ass-ada! They’re dirty, they’re horny, and they’re Latin! These fiery senoritas are easy enough to screw for a margarita.
Blackzilla Boners (XTSY) – 13 inch Blackzilla’s are invading the Far East and these Asian nymphos are eager to indulge in mega hung interracial sex!
Asian Anal Invasion (XTSY) – Thai girls crave to have their throats and pinks stuffed – and stretched by large throbbing American rods! No place is more sex-hungry than Bangkok.
Slutty Spanish Ass 6 (XTSY) – Young and horny Spanish senoritas get worked over hard by porn superstud Nacho Vidal! Watch these Castillan cuties show how eager they are to take on his massive tool and unparalleled sexual appetite!
Exposed Euro Babes (XTSY) – Foreign girls rammed hard and squeezed deep with big thick poles. Slam them until they can’t walk, talk or sit straight. They love it hard!
Sex Overdrive: Euro Babes (XTSY) – Being dainty, prim and proper doesn’t mean they have to act nice. These sexy Euro girls want to be treated like your personal sex toy once in a while.
Interracial Wife Orgy (XTSY) – Every year these real life wives throw a genuine super secret party and invite a gang of black studs to satisfy their scandalous cravings.
Interracial Swingers 2 (HUST) – Black and white couples switch mates for hot black on white and white on black action. Watch black studs pound white honeys and see white dudes give it black sluts!
Housewives Gone Black 12 (HUST) – Hot and horny white housewives aren’t getting any satisfaction from their husbands, so they go in search of thick black pole, and they find it! They love taking black meat, just don’t tell their husbands!
Deep in My Ass! (XTSY) – With their tight bodies and sexy accents, these horny European chicks lure you in deep and won’t let go ’til you’re filled their every desire.
Euro Sex Submission (XTSY) – Bow down and submit: passionate and sex craved, these European girls demand complete control, fueled by unbridled sexual energy.
She Likes It Big & Black (XTSY) – From the horniest teen to the hottest MILFs, all sex-hungry babes agree: big black dongs are the best way to satisfy their dripping wet pink.
Wow, I guess black dick is very popular. Time for me to start making some movies.
^ you're black?

this forum is very diverse!
Yup. I'm not sure if there are any others on the site, but I'm glad to help make the site reach its quota lol.
if this guy is to believed.. it's a 4 day random sample.

meaning these are supposed to be representative
(10-20-2013 06:15 PM)Pappy Knuckles Wrote: [ -> ]Yup, I'm not sure if there are any others on the site, but I'm glad to help make the site make its quota lol.

black nemo is also a brotha as well as some others.

the NWO is colorblind.. they target all races.

so we must be unified.
who is promoting this stuff and why?

making money?

Looking at my cable listings now:

Black My Booty Up!

Bang My Wife While I Watch & Film It

Raw Interracial Relations

I'm sure all are quality films.
(10-20-2013 06:20 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]who is promoting this stuff and why?

making money?

That's a good question. I'm sure money is a major motivator. It's interesting that pornography still makes the money that it does with all of the free options available though. It seems like they have movies for pretty much any type of perversion a person has.
I find it hard to believe that porn aficionados only prefer this type.

is this being promoted at the cable distribution level?

is there a cultural marxist angle here?

so many questions... so many questions...
Seems like a lot of BBC and dirty dirty.
Quote:We're smart -- we are powerful and at the proper time we will mix up your gentile women with the Blacks and in 50 years you'll be all mixed up. blacks love to screw your white women and we encourage it by using them to our advantage.
Harold Wallace Rosenthal, The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview, 1976

Quote: The deliberate encouragement of interracial marriages is the only way to hasten this process. And it may be that time is growing short. The dominance of our world has begun to shift, like cargo in a listing vessel, from the white races to the colored.
Rabbi Abraham L. Feinberg, Maclean's Magazine, September 5, 1967

Quote: The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this new world order the Children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition.
Baruch Levy, in a Letter to Karl Marx, published in La Revue de Paris, p. 54, June 1, 1928

Quote:In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the blacks minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the black to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the blacks will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.
Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957

Quote:We Jews have spoiled the blood of all the races of Europe. Taken as a whole, everything is Jewdified. Our ideas animate everything. Our spirit reigns over the world. We are the Lords.
Dr. Kurt Munzer, The Way to Zion.

[Image: Blog_Straight-from-the-horses-mouth.jpg]
^are those verified quotes?

seems very extreme.
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