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Full Version: Bride accidentally has sex with best man
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Best man status lost after accidental sex with bride

A groomsman has been acquitted of rape after a Chinese court ruled he accidentally raped his friend's newly wed bride.

The blushing bride, whose surname was Huang, was found by a county court in Guangxi Zhuang region to have accidentally climbed into the man's bed on her wedding night, reports The Global Times, an English-language website which reports on news in China.

The court ruled that the sex was consensual between Ms Huang and Mr Ruan, who was staying at the newlyweds' home in the country for the ceremony in August.

The court was told the mistake occurred when the bride returned from an outside toilet and entered Mr Ruan's room, believing the man in the bed was her husband, Mr Wu.

Mr Ruan did not resist her advances and had sex with Ms Huang.

The next morning, when she apparently realised her mistake, she leapt from the bed, claiming he raped her.

The newlyweds demanded Mr Huang pay them compensation and when he refused they filed a lawsuit, the Global Times reported.

false rape claim.

in the US he would probably be charged with Rape.

in China cooler heads prevailed
false rape claims, lead to real rape in Prison for the male ™
That's a heck of a mistake to make, lemme tell ya.
i'm not discounting real rape. of course that is abhorrent.

but false rape claims are just as abhorrent.

if people find out your'e a rapist in US prisons, you're going to get raped.

false rape claims, lead to real rape.

am I wrong?
[Image: hb2xp.jpg]
groom is at fault for surrounding himself with shitty people. Stupid bride and a shitty "friend".
A lot of Chinese actually have open marriages.

it's very weird.

they never get divorced but both sides mess around.
both wife and husband are allowed to stray?
yeah. Most of the time its the guy who does it.. but the girl gets fed up and starts messing around as well.

some girls accept the cheating as long as the money doesn't get plundered by the new girl.

i find that lower class people in China cheat less. it's a strange phenomena.
Maybe not stray, but don't ask don't tell kind of thing.

It's an Asian thing.
yeah. the important thing is: don't get caught.

you can mess around, but make sure you respect your spouse enough to keep it on the DL.

if no one knows, it didn't happen.

this generally happens more with the nouveau riche.. because often the marriages are the forging together of 2 rich families.
i think this is better in some ways than divorcing and breaking up the family.

of course I disagree with open relationship.

however some girls let their husbands mess around a little bit because they know loosening the leash increases his drive to make money
i think in the west, even if a guy goes to the happy massage that could be grounds for a divorce.

Asia I think is more sexually open. this is contrary to popular conception.

but also conservative too. Marriage is taken seriously. Divorce is seriously contemplated.
I am a stoically loyal dude, but one time many years ago when the wife (then girlfriend) and I were talking, the conversation went something like this:

'I love you'
'I love you too'
'I think we might get married'
'I think so too'

'Hey listen, if you ever have sex with another lady, don't ever let me find out about it'
'WTF!? Where did that come from? I have NEVER cheated and I never will! WTF?'
'That's wonderful, but honey, I'm talking about the rest of our lives. Think about this.'
'We've been married many many years and love each other very much, even have children together, ok?'
'Let's say I went somewhere on a business trip, met a man and we had sex, ok?'
'I'll never see him again, it just happened once, and you never have to know, ok?'
'Would you want me to tell you about it?'
'No, I wouldn't!'
'That's all I'm saying.'

For the record, I've always been a good boy and I'm sure she has to, but what she said makes sense. If you do fuck up, clearing your conscience by telling your spouse is just retarded.

Just keep your mouth shut and don't do it again. Why make her suffer to clear your conscience? Some shit you take to the grave.
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