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Full Version: Kundalini Yoga Dangerous? This lady will assure you it's not
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The biggest question is can the physical movements be separated from the religion?

A lot of poses are actually salutations to various hindu gods.

[Image: surya-namaskara-b.gif]

like i wouldn't have a problem with doing it since I belong to no religion. I do believe it has tremendous health benefits. I also think Yoga was something that was consciously pushed during the contrived 1960's counterculture movements.

But people who claim to be devout christians etc. probably shouldn't be doing yoga.

Christians obey god. they are not god. Yoga means "union" a union between YOU and THE DIVINE.
The Sanskrit that you posted is just counting from one to seventeen.
^ yeah. but the set I think is a salutation to the sun god.

I think you know more about this stuff than me. I could be wrong.
If you are a Gnostic Christian I think Yoga is coherent to practice.
Here is a former Yoga practitioner that apparently agrees with some of EVILYOSHIDA's views on yoga and kundalini.

awesome find dean.

like I said.. i think there may be some spiritual warpedness in this stuff.

physically I think it's good for you. can't disagree with relaxation, stretching etc.
wow. crazy vid posted by Dean.

My intuition is usually correct. I sense something VERY SHADY going on with a lot of this yoga stuff.

very very shady
longer extended interview. the lady is from india.

In the second edition of the Chinese Classification of Mental Disorders (CCMD-2) published by the Chinese Society of Psychiatry[10] the diagnosis of “Qigong Deviation Syndrome” is based upon the following criteria:[11]

The subject being demonstrably-normal before doing qigong exercises
Psychological and physiological reactions appearing during or after qigong exercises (suggestion and autosuggestion may play an important role in these reactions)
Complaints of abnormal sensations during or after qigong exercises
Diagnostic criteria do not meet other mental disorders such as schizophrenia, affective disorder, and neuroses.
(01-25-2014 06:54 AM)THE_DEAN Wrote: [ -> ]Here is a former Yoga practitioner that apparently agrees with some of EVILYOSHIDA's views on yoga and kundalini.

Oh man. That chick has a few screws loose. Yoga is not witchcraft. You are stretching and breathing, that's it. I took yoga for my phys ed class in college, it's literally nothing.

I watched Diego Sanchez last night on TUF 1 praise Jesus at every opportunity he could, and do yoga every night. People can convince themselves of anything if they have a fragile mind.

EY you do realize that in that video she also claimed The Catholic Church is part of the beast of Revelation too, right? She even put text of it on the screen.
I agree she is nutty, but part of what she says has some basis in truth.

this kind of hysteria also happens with CHI GONG practitioners in China. it is an official mental disorder.

it happens when you do too much meditation and chi gong exercises.

yoga insanity would be a similar type of mental illness.
This girl I'm dating is heavy into this stuff.

Her Yoga teacher gives her private classes too. LMAO

I'm sure he's gonna fuck her soon. She just started.

what a silly woman

they just started doing Acroyoga

i'll write a personal account of my father's experience with CHI GONG. he used to practice because of this famous master in Shanghai... when he went to that master the first day he said, what makes you better than the rest? The master told my dad to pinch him as hard as he could and that his skin wouldn't turn red nor would he feel pain. My dad pinched him as hard as he could and the skin came loose.... the master was firm....no discoloration after the fact. My dad was impressed and called him master.

Now during his stay at the academy he witnessed numerous crazy things. 1 crazy thing was that the master liked to stand on top of a wooden pole like you see in those kung fu movies. he would tie a rope around his waist and ask the students to try to yank him off. they never succeeded. i know i'm skeptical too.

My dad told me that when the master is in his stance and channeling his energy. he has an aura around him. other students dared my father to go wake up the master. my dad took the dare and began approaching the master. the closer he got the heavier his heart got.... until he was about 5 feet away from the master and he just couldn't move closer anymore. he reached out his hand but he just couldn't move closer. i asked him to explain it but he says his muscles just wouldn't respond when he reaches in. the Master opened his eyes and threw my dad down.

This entire time my dad has been meditation and building his Chi Gong. Months pass by. 1 night he felt his chi leave his body. It was himself. He literally got up and walked out of his body. he walked toward the window and looked back, saw himself sitting at the base of the wall. He knew he was successful. he's been anticipating this moment from his studies. He jumped out the window and began flying. over the city.... and took in the beauty of the Shanghai skylines. then he wanted to go higher and higher....... he flew into the clouds and it was the most wonderful experience. like a bird.

His spirit came back and he felt rejuvenated and refreshed.

He repeated this routine several times but did remember his master telling him to not fly too far. One night his spirit was flying over the city... into and over the clouds...... then all of a sudden a hand grabbed him by the wrist. he began flying with that hand. he couldn't see who grabbed him. he just saw the hand. they flew and flew...... to a different place. when they got there.... the hand took my father down from the skies and they landed. it was a town he had never been before. dim and red. the hand left him. my dad began wandering around and read this scripture on the wall........ just as he started reading, he was mobbed by a bunch of faceless people. a bunch of people crowded him calling for his death. he couldn't see any of their faces. he was anxious but did remember the hand once again grab him by the wrist, and he saw the back of the person's head this time. it was a man with a ponytail. he calmed down the crowd and led my dad home.

My dad didn't think much of it. he wanted to erase the bad tense experience by meditating again immediately. As soon as he went into that state, he stepped outside of his body he saw that his room was filled with the most petrifying ghosts waiting to kill him. He saw decapitated women screeching and men with faces of pigs and dogs. He ran back into his body. woke up in cold sweat.

He went to talk to his master the next day, the master said my dad went too far and the bad spirits followed him home. If my dad stayed outside of his body he could've lost his spirit or even died.

My dad never meditated again.

btw i hate my dad for many things..... but a liar he isn't. he has repeated this story to me many times. he also frequently sees spirits.
Doga. This is bordering on mental disorder, no?

damn intense story Dong. thanks for taking the time to write it.
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