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Full Version: Kundalini Yoga Dangerous? This lady will assure you it's not
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^ yeah. I'm not really citing the DSM as some authoritative source.. however I think some people can get really troubled I think from excessive meditation.
I think the biggest problem with too much is that people can forget how to think, and they also can have a tendancy to use it as a form of escapism, and devote too much time to the meditative world instead of the material world. Maybe this is why a lot of new agers are all scatterbrains.

I did read a thesis in this idea once, and it said that Easterners did not suffer in the same way because they knew how to meditate with an empty mind, but the study found that westerners are best to meditate whilst actively thinking. Westerners should relax and get into a meditative state, but allow thoughts to run through their head. The study found that westerners had been so heavily conditioned by the hustle-bustle of the daily grind and the rat race, that their brains weren't suited to emptiness.
^ interesting.

Yeah. In the East, I think Buddhism, meditation etc. is not some "faddish" hollywood thing. People who do it are sincere.

it seems in the west many are using it as a unconscious replacement for their lapsed christianity.

Kundalini has a lot of overlap with the mystery schools/kaballah/gnosticism
any kind of prolonged activity "outside of this world" is dangerous iMo, be that escapism, fantasy, meditative states, faith worship, lose touch, become self centred.
yeah there are cases of meditative qigong practitioners who have completely lost touch with reality.

there is a term for this called "walking fire, entering the devil"

this is actually a common term used for anyone has lost touch with reality.
a lot of yoga/buddhist practitioners etc. have essentially "escaped the world"

in China when you become a buddhist the term is "leaving the house"
Qigong Psychosis:

Zou huo ru mo (走火入魔

Quote:Many participants report benefit from these practices; some appear to achieve relief from longstanding physical or psychiatric ailments. Some, however, may develop a syndrome known as qi-gong psychotic reaction, described by DSM-IV as "an acute, time-limited episode characterized by dissociative, paranoid, or other psychotic or non-psychotic symptoms", and that "especially vulnerable are individuals who become overly involved" in qi-gong.
I was able to find one case report of qi-gong reactive psychosis. Lim & Lin (1996:369ff) describe a 57-year-old Chinese-American man who presented with a three-week history of auditory and visual hallucinations. The patient had begun qi-gong practices as therapy for chronic problems with kidney stones. After several days of intensive qi-gong, he began hearing voices telling him how to practice qi-gong, and to believe that he had contacted beings from another dimension. He sought help from the qi-gong masters, but to no avail. His wife brought him to see a psychiatrist, who diagnosed him with schizophreniform disorder and treated him with anti-psychotic medications.
Additional information on Qi-gong Psychosis has not been readily available. The majority of information on qi-gong itself is to be found in journals of acupuncture and homeopathic medicine. The single case report I could find is:
Lim, Russell F., and Lin Keh-Ming. (1996) “Cultural formulation of psychiatric diagnosis: Case No. 03: Psychosis following qi-gong in a Chinese immigrant.” Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry 20:369-378.
Similar phenomena have been reported occasionally among practictioners of South Asian meditation techniques, including kundalini yoga.
(10-16-2013 10:25 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah. the article I quoted stated that Vedanta is a safer way rather than tantra.

although they do say that some vedantists try to reach the "kundalini"

I'm just mentioning that I've never seen it advocated.

Maybe the author of the article has some secret material or knowledge that the rest of us are not privy to...I don't know.

All I can know or comment upon is my direct experience.

Chakras and Kundalini experiences exist for those who practice yoga, not Advaita Vedanta or Self-Inquiry.

In Advaita Vedanta, the 'energy centers' or 'kundalini forces' are ultimately illusory and products of the mind.

If any realization of Self in Advaita Vedanta were to take place, it would be felt in the right side of the chest or the Heart.

In Christianity, this would be most closely resemble the 'Sacred Heart'.

But the 'Sacred Heart' or 'Self' is not related to the Charkras or Kundalini.
yeah. I think this is some powerful stuff though.

opening up the "energy channels"

hey if it's powerful enough to connect you with the "god force" it's probably powerful enough to cause psychological problems.
MARK DICE defends yoga, calls Catholic Church "satanic"

(10-16-2013 05:51 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]just think about how heavily yoga is promoted by the establishment.

what healthy practices does the establishment promote?

SSRIs, Fluoridated water, GMO food...


Yoga is heavily promoted, esp. to women and housewives.
You could argue that but I would say that women are just more receptive to it. Because its in their nature to be receptive to shit. Chicken or the egg circular shit. They don't have 8==D's. They have (|)s.

More so than any other form of exercise, exhaustion in yoga leaves people in a meditative state. Atheists and agnostics get a chance to feel the effects of spiritual exercises without really knowing what is going on.

Its some heathen shit in a way... but your God isn't big enough if you think its bad.
Yeah. I'm not saying it's bad.. but eastern religions tend to get corrupted and used for ulterior motives in the west.

Yoga is highly religious. Kundalini is highly occult.

i tried some of dean's meditation techniques and they are good. Just simple breathing.

I think people should just know what they are getting into.

most peopel think it's just exercises/stress relief, but it's a whole lot more than that. IF people know it, and still want to do it they should be free to do it.
The connection between meditation and synchronicity usually brings these people into some kind of faith.
yeah. you can't really bash stretching, breathing and exercise.

however trying to attain serpent consciousness sounds kind of dodgy.

all kinds of sex scandals at yoga institutions.

Hatha yoga originated as a sex cult.

there is a left hand path in yoga too.. where they use sexual techniques to achieve "tantric enlightenment"
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