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Full Version: Forum Rules Update for Female Members:
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As of today, female members will no longer be subject to time in the box for forum rules violations as is customary for male members. After deliberating with the EY.com Forum Moderation Staff, it has been decided that going forward all female violations shall be punishable by spending 15 minutes on this new forum female punishment apparatus.

Kind thanks to Skynet for providing us with this state of the art Robospanker 2010. We're all of us here at EY.com most excited by this new disciplinary tool and stand ready as never before to mete out justice whenever it's deemed appropriate in our good judgement!

That's a fine piece of engineering that is. How does it compare in price to a Sybian saddle?

I'm just saying before making sweeping changes in policy, all options should be explored boss.

Why does reinforcement have to be negative?

A night in the box indeed.
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