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Full Version: Jewish Holocaust revisionist interviews historian
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This video is cited by many revisionists as the beginning of their doubts about the official story, so effective that the author was forced to recant and go into hiding by death threats from the Jewish Defense League.
I hope both of these men were extradited to Germany to be tried for questioning the holocaust.

Trust us, it happened exactly the way we say, when has historical data ever been inaccurate?

Why are you asking, are you an anti-semite, or a self-hating Jew perhaps?
If it weren't for such laws against thought-crime, I probably would have never bothered investigating this topic in the first place. Ridicule and ostracism, as used in America, would be a more effective means of constraining challenges to the narrative than an outright ban on asking questions.
Yep, part of the reason I am fascinated by the so called holocaust is the restrictions on it.
Once you've accepted that "human-skin lampshades" and "Jewish soap" were simply Soviet propaganda, how can you jail or threaten anyone who asserts the same about "homicidal gas chambers"?
Awesome SN
(10-09-2013 12:17 PM)KötGödel Wrote: [ -> ]Once you've accepted that "human-skin lampshades" and "Jewish soap" were simply Soviet propaganda, how can you jail or threaten anyone who asserts the same about "homicidal gas chambers"?

Don't forget the shrunken heads that they showed as evidence at Nuremberg, turned out they were from Papua New Guinea.

There are still people today who believe the lampshade story.
I just checked wikipedia and they still don't mention that the heads were of 19th century black natives.

Quote: After World War II, shrunken heads were found at the Buchenwald concentration camp that were alleged to have been of prisoners. One of them was subsequently presented as evidence at the Nuremberg Trials by U.S. Executive Trial Counsel Thomas J. Dodd even though none of the accused was specifically charged with shrinking these heads.
Wikipedia tows the line. I can't believe they haven't gone full force with ads and selling out to the NSA yet.
I can see why they thought these were the heads of 20th century white european jews.

[Image: 2hnyr2o.jpg]
[Image: 1378778_729072447107392_1387958019_n.jpg]
[Image: JIRyqLv.jpg]
David Cole after he left holocaust revisionism lol. Supposedly he's back on the circuit now:

[Image: Dual2-440x330.jpg]
Apparently there was a 25,000 bounty put on his head by the JDL.

Guy has a very nasally/annoying voice lol.
The story of David Stein, aka David Cole, is the typical all-American story. Indeed, he’s the prototypical “everyman.” His dad was the doctor who killed Elvis. By 21 years of age, he was universally condemned as the “Jewish Holocaust denier,” even though he never denied the Holocaust. He appeared on the highest-rated news and talk shows of the time. Phil Donahue called him “the Antichrist,” and “60 Minutes” called him a danger to mankind. He was one of only two guests ever canceled by the Jerry Springer Show (the other was a necrophiliac). He reunited Holocaust survivors who didn’t know their family members were still alive, he forced the Auschwitz State Museum to stop exhibiting an air raid shelter as a “gas chamber,” and he was stalked by a neo-Nazi serial killer whose story would later be dramatized on “Law and Order.” He was denounced as a Mossad “double agent,” and by age 25, he had a $25,000 bounty put on his head by a terrorist group, so he faked his death by pretending to drown off the coast of San Diego, later resurfacing as a respected documentary filmmaker, working with Warner Brothers, and producing the final film of legendary Oscar-winning screenwriter Budd Schulberg. He then reinvented himself yet again as a leading Republican Party organizer in L.A., working with congressmen, Bush Administration officials, and Hollywood’s top-secret GOP underground (consisting of celebrities like Gary Sinise and Clint Eastwood), while at the same time becoming a leading conservative investigative journalist. In 2013 his “Jewish Holocaust denier” past was “outed” by the six-foot-tall redheaded fashion model he’d been financially supporting (and whose Blake Shelton-affiliated country music star sister he’d helped save from a life of prostitution). He was banned from the Republican Party for life, and denounced in over 200 newspapers, magazines, and websites.
In theory, this might just make an interesting book. At the very least, it's unlikely you'll be bored while reading it.
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