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I ama daily smoker for over 11 years and greatly support it's use for meditative/ shamanic states.
I have gotten the impression that EY does not partake, is this correct?
Anyways, what is everyones thoughts on Ganja?
I don't think it's healthy for the brain in copious amounts.

It could be good for relaxation, anxiety etc. though. there are pluses and minuses for it.

My priority is keeping my brain in good shape.

also I think pot has too much of a "chilling" effect on people meaning they lose their pep or zest. maybe some people like that I personally don't

I like feeling the "full dynamic range" of life.
also I find it odd how "weed rights" are the only rights that the people are winning on. the people can never seem to win on privacy, orwellian surveillance, lower taxes, stopping the wars etc.

but miraculously.. many states are granting weed users their rights! i find this something interesting to think about
It is pacifying and as a human sloth I support it.
I definitely believe the NWO is pro-weed.
^ exactly. I definitely think they are too. anything to get the people pacified.

the way drugs are glorified in the media is quite hilarious. this stuff is ILLEGAL.. yet it is glorified.

i mean i'm all for freedom, but I think people should be working with complete information.
That is to take maximum use of the slavery complex. Encourage the use but keep them illegal in order to make you fear them. When people fear you, you control them. It seems as if most westerners fear their own police.
not only that.. they make it illegal so they can have a monopoly on the trade.

but yeah, it's good you can be objective even though you're a drug user.

you seem young, it's not too late to quit. I think you should get on the Dean's meditation program.

i believe the damaging effects are reversible.
I am 28, objectivity is likely a consequence of my meditation. I stayed my first 3 months in a very small jungle temple outside of Yasodthon in Isaan. It was great Smile
(02-24-2013 05:58 PM)Galt Wrote: [ -> ]It is pacifying and as a human sloth I support it.
I definitely believe the NWO is pro-weed.

NWO = pro indica.
Conspiracy Theorists = pro-sativa.

the indica strain has very alienating downer effects.

I def. think there are some health benefits to weed though.

but also negative ones, esp. related to short term memory and possible links to schizophrenia.
I am probably a bit schizo but I consider that an effect of alcoholism.
schizo I believe is reversible as long as you don't take the zombie meds.

exercise, meditation, healthy diet, positive thinking!

the brain is much more plastic than anyone ever thought.
to me the biggest side effect is paranoia. I think it's healthy to be slightly paranoid (which is why I say sativa is a CTers drug lol). However I quit getting really high about 6 years ago because it was making me nuts.
^ oh yeah? what did it make you feel?

did you feel cloudy all the time or spaced out?
sativa is very humbling, it makes you question a lot of things, especially about your own self.

(02-24-2013 06:49 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]^ oh yeah? what did it make you feel?

did you feel cloudy all the time or spaced out?

no I was just overthinking things. Like you're trying to see how far the rabbit hole goes, but then you realize there is none, you are actually digging one, if that makes sense lol. I was basically Joe Rogan.
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