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Full Version: Latino beauty. ya.
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[Image: eizaglz_0.jpg]
[Image: elenco-amores-eiza1-z.jpg]
muy bonita

[Image: eizaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg]
[Image: Eiza+Gonzalez-506.jpg]

[Image: excessive-panting-in-dogs.jpg]
-1.2 points for the tats.
[Image: Eiza-Gonz%C3%A1lez-Feet-917754.jpg]
She's beautiful and so are many women from Latin America but Latina doesn't mean anything, you can find lAtinas that look nothing like her.
yeah. she is latin and beautiful. that was the main point.

she looks more white than latin.
I'd Rather

[Image: salma-hayek-193594111.jpg]
^ that one is nice too.

this girl I posted has pretty refined features.

Every "latina" is judged in comparison to Ms. Salma Hayek in my books.

[Image: Salma%20Hayek.jpg]
Salma Hayek has a more high quality look.
but I think this girl is more attractive on a pure physical level.
but the tats discredit her beauty.
On this note I agree to disagree.

Salma has the higher quality looks and wins on the pure physical level, everything about her exudes femininity.

No make up, no buttering up,age difference still delectable.

[Image: bikinisalma1453.jpg]
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