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what are your other hobbies/interests?

electronic music, food, fine spirits, clubbing, philosophy
oh and thick thighs!
Philosophy, my dog, meditation, yoga, cooking, and cheesecake
yeah i like dogs too.

CT is probably only 25% of my overall interest.

financial markets is another huge one.
Right now stringed instruments and weightlifting for mostly aesthetic reasons take up most of my free time. I have been taking an interest in learning about firearms and photography also.
Fishing, music, karaoke, hockey.
Fishing, playing with my kids, humiliating my wife sexually and street fighting.
Guitar, Band, Weight lifting, video games, getting drunk, sex, anarchy

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(09-16-2013 12:27 PM)Señor Penis Wrote: [ -> ]Homosexual bum sex

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I also forgot inflatable gimp suiting

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[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=37340&d=1378794412]

Megatherium, not bad for an hour and a half session eh?

Fishing season hasnt even kicked off yet.
Can't see the pic, CHV.
13 of the below in 90 mins give or take, they are spawning ATM so it was easier than usual

[Image: blackfish-Luderick-Girella-tricuspidata.jpg]

Known as Luderick, black fish or in Australia blacks fish.
Looks like a perch, kinda. Are they good eatin'?
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