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Full Version: Jay Weidner: guru Terrence McKenna CIA shill
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very very interesting.
“when I reached La Churerra in 1971 I had a price on my head by the FBI, I was running out of money, I was at the end of my rope. And then “THEY” recruited me. And said, you know, with a mouth like yours there’s a place for you in our organization. And, uh, I’ve worked in deep background positions about which the less said the better. And then about 15 years ago they shifted me into public relations and I’ve been there to the present.” – Terence McKenna
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^ CIA refuses to release information about him.
Holy crap!
This new age garbage is all establishment created.

LMFAO @ dupes who thought they were counter culture.
Very interesting. The deep suspicions that abound in these communities are problematic, though. I recently read some stuff calling the Vigilant Citizen founders agents. We all know AJ called Icke an agent at one time. Tarpley seems to call everyone an agent. Who to believe.
yeah. but this terrence stuff is backed by evidence. also mainstream media has embraced mckenna.

also check the CIA denial of info regarding mckenna.

also terrence admitted it himself.

the VC guy is probably not an agent... if he is .. his job is to generate hits for music videos?

he sometimes goes too far which discredits the people who are symbol aware.
the one shill I think in the CT world is the zeitgeist dude.

total shill.


Yeah and like you mentioned, the counterculture movements of the 60s were heavily co opted by the CIA and FBI. Hippies, Feminists, Black Power, etc. No one even denies this anymore.
i think the CT movement is legit for the most part.

the fundamental is legit.. but there is a lot of disinfo on the periphery.

CTism preaches individual sovereignty, more freedom, more transparency from govt, less intrusion, freedom of speech.. i can't see how this can work for the power brokers.
most of what people think is shilling or disinfo in CT is not even that..

it's people trying to get business in a very lucrative space called "conspiracy theory"

if people don't pad the truth with some fantastic claims they cannot differentiate themselves from the others.
the discoverer of magic mushrooms.. Chairman of THE CFR!!!!

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