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Do they actually exist..? if so do they call themselfs that or is that just a name given to them by us.

my understanding is that there was a secret society a long time ago, but do you think its continued today?
are they Jewish?
are they evil or just money hungry.. ?
Illuminati was a hijacking of Bavarian freemasonry.
I don't think they really exist, it would be a dumb arrangement if they did.

if there were truly were just a small group of men controlling world affairs, the conspiracy would be easy to topple.

in the beginning I believe it was like this, but now it has been institutionalized.

most people are illuminati.. your thinking has been illuminized.

the flower power movement of the 60's is a good example.
Well said EY. Ilumminism is tied permanently to all institutions in western society and if you openly reject the mainstream view you will be ostracized and marginalized. Sad state of affairs.
their whole schtick is to pretend to give you freedom or security, while increasing their power/influence and wealth.

This thing will not end until people learn to think for themselves.

I also believe that if people TRULY thought for themselves we would all think pretty much the same on most issues.

that's the irony. If people think for themselves, people would be more similar. weird huh?
Hahaha, well said and very true. Look at this forum.
the word illuminati you really have to think about.

it just means "enlightenment"

they see themselves as the bringers of light .. out of the dark ages (catholic church)

there is nothing fancy about this term. you could call them Kantian-lites if you want.

I believe at the highest level it is probably pure machavellian rationalism.. but they have a spiritual support base of thousands of diff. occult orders/ideologies/new agers etc.

if you look at the original illuminati.. the guys at the top were rationalists, and they used superstitious freemasons as a cover or base of operations.

they are nothing more than people trying to be the new priesthood.
you see these people play off the "mystery"

In my mind they like the conspiritards.. because conspiritards build them up and make them feel special.

I think the vast majority of newly minted freemasons probably got their initial influence from the conspiracy literature.

Unless you truly believe there is some special magical mystical knowledge... in the form of allegorical symbols and rituals.. there is no mystique or mystery.
There are certainly different, intertwined groups involved that generally get labeled 'The Illuminati'.

The bloodline groups generally, from what I've heard, refer to it as 'The Order'.

It's also speculated they call themselves 'Moriah Conquering Wind' but I don't know where that comes from off hand.

It does appear to exist but nobody knows where it came from.

Tribes of Israel? Atlantis? Solomon? Egypt?

It's possible different groups trace their origins back to different times/places/areas.
it is true they do believe they come from an unbroken line that goes back to the time of sumeria.. but I think it's all unproven.
Yes, Sumeria is probably the most accurate.

Possibly Atlantis, since I'm sure there is a belief that their lineage probably survived the fall of Atlantis.
That is my impression as well, that they consider themselves the heirs of Atlantis.
because atlantis was seen as a scientific platonic type society run by elites.

early plans for the new world order were called the "new atlantis"

these guys are big on greece and babylon.
the most important thing is to find out how this relates to your own life. why do you like the things you like?

why do you have the views you do? many people are living with very false assumptions and views. That is reason enough to study this.
Thanks for your Answers.. although i think im just getting more confused, but im very interested in this subject non the less
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