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Post pictures of your pets here! I'll post some of my little guy when I get home. The picture in my profile is him thoroughly enjoying water for the first time. A month before this picture was taken, he refused to even go near the water. One of many irrational fears my fiance and I have helped him overcome since we got him in January.
[Image: dunaja8y.jpg]

She's going on ten and still acts like a puppy. Black n tan dachshund

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[Image: 7u4umase.jpg]

We have coffee every morning together

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what a nice jet black coat.

how do you keep it so black?
Ey we feed her "science diet" dog food and give her a vitamin e gel cap now and then. Attention and exercise is what makes any dog healthy, happy and shinny brother! :)

[Image: a5u4yhyd.jpg]

What a wiener!

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don't have pics of my dog.. but i'll post dogs types I like

Petit Brabancon

[Image: PETIT+BRABAN%C3%87ON.bmp]
beautiful dog with beautiful coat. Very rare. Rarely seen in the US.

[Image: gucci_huvud.jpg]
Pekingese.. genetically the closest you'll get to a wolf

[Image: OB-RU254_0213do_G_20120213222219.jpg]
Long Haired Dachsund. A luxurious look.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRE1TqM5OWvV3rkIxAqqJG...bFbmrkDQ-q]
French Bulldog. Lots of health problems, but very good looking.

[Image: French-Bulldog2.jpg]
Cats are where it's at
[Image: 8x7bAMx.jpg]
[Image: JAeWH5a.jpg]
[Image: A4OhtkX.jpg]
I've had dogs all my life, I am the original dog whisperer. The "protectors of the now" eckhart tolle calls them.

It's amazing how different breeds will display different behaviour and traits, one reason humans find company with them. They resonate a different frequency then humans, it's lower so that is where tha calming effect comes from. Some dogs communicate better than others, some are exceptional. My dachshund has low thought ferrel behaviour and other times she is like Lassie, trying to serve purpose and save the day, even if it is demanding to be fed.

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for big dogs.. I like Short muzzled Rottweilers. Very loyal. Little toy dogs like pug/pekingese are NOT LOYAL at all.

[Image: Rottweiler%20(3).jpg]
[Image: 539778_482970035100634_1171824482_n.jpg]
very nice yorkie.
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