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Get this movie and watch it. It is a complete WTF experience in an awesome way.

There are two versions. I just watched the 'prank on the little brother by putting porn on his computer' version and now I'm about to watch the 'movie producer pitching ideas version.

It's not too long. Get it, tell me what version you watched, and tell me what you think.

Version I'm about to watch!
Hugh Jackman opens with Kate Winslet in the first short, with balls on his neck.

This movie's a trip man!
The truth or dare game was incredible too.

Awesome movie. Watch it with all speed.
Home schooling done right...
Is there a kids in machines agenda?
And what is the deal with pooping on people? Would you do it?

If you would, would you be conservative or go all out?
iBabe's got some bugs, but nothing we can't work with.
And Batman is just so WTF awesome that I can't believe they didn't take The Riddler seriously anyway.

Again, Batman was AWESOME!
Nanananananananananananana nananananana BATMAN!

"Did I not hit send?"
First periods can be crazy for girls.
You don't want leakage.
[Image: 1.gif]
It's everyone's favorite cat, BEEZUL!
Awesome movie.

That is all.
Where do I find this from semi legal sources that cost zero dollw
piratebay as always brah
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