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Full Version: An Inside Look at Russia's Multicultural Maximum Security Prisons
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Head Guard

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Prisoners are kept in distinct sectors to prevent them from sharing items and ideas with other groups. For example, prisoners convicted of terrorism charges (mainly from Chechnya) are kept together in one sector.

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A young rabbi from Moscow leads a ceremony with Jewish prisoners. Prison authorities tolerate all religions, figuring that a practicing prisoner is less trouble than an idle one.

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A roll call is taken three times a day.

[Image: avd36867_1.jpg]
Prisoners return to their sectors after dining.
[Image: avd36973_1.jpg]
working in the kitchen

[Image: avd36997_1.jpg]
this short guy killed someone nearly 2 ft. taller with his bare hands. Working in the kitchen now.
[Image: avd37037_1.jpg]
killed 2 people now chops wood
[Image: avd37083_2.jpg]
allowed to keep his mustache citing tradition. Prison authorities agreed.

[Image: avd37312_1.jpg]
this prisoner oversees the facility's Orthodox Church
[Image: avd37322_1.jpg]

Sign reads: Every Employee is your controller and teacher.
Same as racial segregation in the US prison system
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Muslim inmates pray. Multiculturalism at work.
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Prisoner oversees the Library
[Image: avd37787_1.jpg]
Judaism is respected. Young rabbis speak with prisoners.
[Image: avd37715_1.jpg]
Inmate bakes bread.

[Image: 4_0.jpg]
this is where they eat

[Image: 1_1.jpg]

[Image: avd37907_1.jpg]
prisoners haul timber
Nice thread. It's good that they get to keep busy. The ones that are gonna get out particularly deserve the opportunity to keep their minds and bodies in working order.
i'd rather be in that Russian gulag than San Quentin

[Image: san+Quentin.jpg]
^ that looks like cruel and unusual punishment
Looks alright
(08-16-2013 10:08 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]i'd rather be in that Russian gulag than San Quentin

[Image: san+Quentin.jpg]

That is some 4th world bullshit

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