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Full Version: Recall Some Weird Things You've Witnessed...
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I'm just posting them as they come to me. This one isn't mind blowing like some of my experiences but for some reason it seared a strong impression. Maybe because I was young then.... I remember when I used to work for an HVAC company in college and I inspected rooftops in the ghetto. This one time deep in the summer, I finished inspecting a plaza rooftop, hopped off and went to the convenience store to grab a drink to cool off.

I saw this serious dirty blonde 10 in a braless top with great hips to waist ratio walk in. her tiddies and ass were bouncing all over the place as she grabbed some snacks. I remember seeing her walk out as her ass bounced along with the full bun of her hair. The animal attraction was so raw I wanted to just walk up to her and pull out my peen and rub it on her booty, then I snapped out of it. I followed her to the parking lot only to see her walking into the driver's seat of a BMW car with some HOODRAT dude in the passengers. ratchet, I mean ratechet, ying yang twin looking black thug kid... who was chomping down on the cheetos she just bought him. He's staring at me like YOU MAD BRO?

It bottled my mind, the imagery of that interaction was so strong I think it may be the root of what sparked my interest in interracial pron. Especially the BBC on blonde variety. I still think of her till today.

Oh I got some good ones I just thought of....... to be continued...

this is gonna be an epic thread.

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I am already disturbed, but not surprised.
One that jumps to mind is the NYE of 2001 I got arrested for “Robbery in company” because some dude my mate was fighting with earlier lost his hat and wanted to press charges. Anyways they had fuck all on me besides seeing me get off the train with him so they decided the time honoured police tactic of leaving me in the cells for the night so I’d fuck up and admit to some shit I didn’t do (neither did my mate).

I was heaps drunk so I thought “Fuck it Ill just sleep and they have to release me within 72 hours if they cant charge me”.

Not sure what time it was but I woke up to a whimpering sound and opened my eyes to see a young kid about my age but a lot smaller and younger looking taking an abo’s didgeridoo up his lilly white ass, what’s was worse was that he was riding the abo reverse cow girl style.

For years to come I would be fucking a girl in that position and that image would invariably jump into my head and Mr Floppy would make an appearance. I saw worse things on remand but I can stomach violence but not that shit.

Fucking cops should have put me and my mate in with the abos instead of that kid, pieces of shit they are.

I have more but Ill leave that till im on my laptop.
So were you the kid or the abo ?
no offense meant, but we can all see what you are projecting here.
LOL ...... what ever floats your boat Calo!
you've come through the experience and thats all that matters brotha, which ever way it happened, well the abo came at least.
Recall ain't what was, unfortunately. I'll set my mind to rememberin' and hopefully come up with a funny one. I did get expelled from grade 8 for beating up a 'kung fu' expert. Put his braces through his lips, cut my hands up pretty bad. Sent him to the hospital with a concussion. He was a 'black belt' too!

Couldn't never abide a braggart and a liar loud talkin' me none.
Thanks brotha, really appreciate your sentiments.

With my pathetic pseudo intellectual existence as a mid-late twenties man child living in my parent's home, hiding anytime my relatives come to visit my parents sometimes I just need someone to talk to.

Nom sayin?
I posted this on the OG before...... This one night, I remember the ambiance of Enya was filling up my suite as I was slowly sipping away on my screwdriver...... i'm staring out into the night feeling melodramatic, when I noticed a peculiar man in the lit up window frame of the building across from me. As I focused in I thought he might be jacking off because the aura of his blob was vibrating slightly........ LOL what a weirdo ...... So i pull out my binoculars, and after zooming in.... confirmed my suspicion, he was indeed stroking his meatstick to the tele. I started laughing..... but what followed next is really beyond comprehension...

He reached for what looked like a fly swat..... um, ok...... and SLAP! SLAP! He started slapping his nuts as he was beating off... I was bewildered but impressed by his 2 handed attack. The co-ordination was remarkable as the slapping of the nuts and jerking motions kept accelerating simulataneously. Now with his inflexible, curled legs going further and further up in the air, I knew he was getting ready to bust.... And the dismount...

I was about to LMAO when I felt this burning sensation at the back of my neck... a distant feeling that I was no longer familiar with, I felt like I was in the 5th grade again when I tumbled down the stairs at school and everyone laughed at me. Shame, that's what it was. An emotion that I've successfully rid myself of for almost a decade, only to have it flushing back in this monumental moment when I bared witness to the nut slapper.

I didn't know if I felt shame for him or for myself.... to be continued....
The window was a mirror.
(08-12-2013 01:49 PM)DONGED BY JOHNSON Wrote: [ -> ]The window was a mirror.

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haha Pigsy! your long lost Caucasian cousin!
found your cousin =)

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