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Full Version: This is the type of person feminists should be going after
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Woman jailed over false rape claim

Cathy Richardson was jailed for perverting the course of justice
A woman who falsely claimed she had been raped has been jailed for a year.

Cathy Richardson, 26, from Viking Court in Shoebury, Essex, told officers she had been sexually assaulted several times over two months in 2012 by a man she knew.

A man was arrested on suspicion of rape but was later released without charge after a series of interviews.

Richardson was jailed for 12 months at Basildon Crown Court after admitting perverting the course of justice.

'Clear message'
Det Ch Insp Scott Cannon of Essex Police said: "When a false allegation of rape is made, it heightens the difficulty for those victims who have suffered from sexual abuse."

He said the outcome of the prosecution of Richardson should send out "a very clear message" to anyone who deliberately lied to police.

"The actions of Cathy Richardson in this case led to an innocent man being arrested, having to spend time in a custody cell and undergoing an intrusive and personal medical examination," he said.

"He had to endure the stigma of being suspected of a serious offence, only to be cleared of a crime he knew he had not committed.

"Detectives spent many hours of police time on this investigation which could have been better spent on protecting some of society's most vulnerable victims and pursuing real offenders."
Rather than attacking men, feminists should be going after women who do this kind of thing. They are damaging women's credibility massively.

I just wish she had got longer.

However, in the US even though maybe 10-15% or more are false claims.. they rarely get charged.

Kudos to the UK for charging the woman. IMO it should carry a sentence as heavy as rape. You are ruining a guy's life and he will be in turn raped in prison over your false rape claim.
Radical feminists were bat shit crazy 50 years, ago. Radical feminists now? Forget about it. One of the most misguided activist groups in existance. Driven by hate and insecurity.
You have to remember that women are weak and cowardly by nature... EVERYTHING they have in Western society was voluntarily given to them by sucker beta males.

I mean seriously, giving females the right to vote? Tell me what the hell white women ever did to guide the invention of democracy and representative government? How many females died defending the American colonies from the British? Did any females sign or author the Declaration of Independence? Who is the female Rousseau, Voltaire, or Paine?

Same goes for east Asia... not a SINGLE female Confucius, Mencius, or Qin Shi Huang Di. Absolutely none of the literati of Korea or China were females, and there is not a single female among the leaders of the neo-Confucianist movement.

You can say that this is because women were locked out of higher education, and were never given the chance to prove their potential blah blah yet we have over FIFTY YEARS of civil equality in the Western world (over 70 years in some countries), and these bitches have done nothing to prove that they are the intellectual equals of men. Name me ONE single female political pundit in the West who has original, insightful opinions to offer.

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Marine La pen has some good arguments.
(08-10-2013 02:49 AM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]Marine La pen has some good arguments.

Female politicians are best when they rehash arguments made by their male superiors.

In Marine Le Pen's case, she is merely continuing the political legacy of her father. Which is, of course, a good thing. As long as she does not stray from the script she will be fine.

The sad thing is the average Western male is so pussified that even females look good by comparison. I would take one Margaret Thatcher over the entire cabal of male scoundrels in the labour party.

I will say this, though. Women are less prone to scandal than men, and are more cautious and judicious in their choices. You will never see a female getting caught sending pics of her vagina to a male prostitute, never, EVER. Sex is the downfall of many a male politician.

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yeah. if women are driven by emotion, men are driven by primitive drives.

very few men are truly logical/rational.
Rawdogged a ladyboy freelancer last night. That seemed logical and rational.
(08-10-2013 03:15 PM)Som-Pong Wrote: [ -> ]Rawdogged a ladyboy freelancer last night. That seemed logical and rational.

You gon' git AIIIIIDS

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You guys wouldn't want to rumble with a gang of early seventies era university bulldyke Jewish feminists.

They'd fuck you up right quick. Toughest mutherfuckers I ever saw!
(08-10-2013 03:38 PM)Megatherium Wrote: [ -> ]You guys wouldn't want to rumble with a gang of early seventies era university bulldyke Jewish feminists.

They'd fuck you up right quick. Toughest mutherfuckers I ever saw!

The only thing tough about them is their moisture-free, leathery vaginas

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