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Full Version: The Secret To Old Man Cool
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Tai Chi Big Grin

[Image: tai-chi-chuan-movimentos.jpg]
I'm getting close to the age when I think I should start doing Tai Chi. I wanna be able to do this when I'm 60!

Wait, you guys are serious? I mean I knew the the forum was like 95% Asian but not to the point of considering Tai Chi to be "cool".

chinese old people are the least cool. they are all short, stubby and shuffling around with that zombie face.

black old people are the coolest. the worst case scenerio is roger mayweather, tell me that mofo don't make you laugh tho.
The key to being 'old man cool' is not putting up with the 'young person's bullshit'.

This truth transcends all cultures IMO.
Bullshit Mr. Han, man!

[Image: Shih-Kien-is-Mr.-Han-in-Enter-the-Dragon-Film.jpg]

RIP Williams, and Mr. Han.
Yoga is more impressive, better for your body overall as well.

[Image: yoga-master.jpg]
[Image: Gordon-Liu-as-Pai-Mei-jas-patrick-blog.jpg]
the guys you posted aren't what real chinese dudes look like.

one of them is a young guy in a hairhat.
my dad is like the uncoolest guy in the world.
Pai Mei is played by chinese actor Gordon Liu.
Japanese old dudes seem to be the coolest.

Very well dressed and hip.
[Image: Yohji-Yamamoto-hero.jpg]

Yohji Yamamoto.. the guy behind Y3
Issey Miyake.. the guy who made Steve Job's trademark turtle neck

[Image: 226d_naoki.jpg]
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