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Full Version: Breaking News: Terrorists have been selected and are in place.
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Quote:JUST IN: Terrorists behind the threat closing U.S. embassies Sunday have been selected and are in place, CBS News' John Miller reports

[Image: CBS_logo__121105172229.jpg]

I, for one, am glad to know these terrorists are already 'selected' and ready to roll!!!
Where's the news story?!
yeah.. link???
Link to the CBS report?
yaeh.. this is legit.

they are closing like 20 of them temporarily due to "intel"
Edit: Ha ha....wrong thread
Thanks for the heads up John Miller!
If I could choose my own terrorist, I'd pick one that's good with a bow and likes camels and ponies.
[Image: PHO-10Sep02-249057.jpg]

Pick a terrorist any terrorist, now don't show me you cards, I mean show me your card
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