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Full Version: MMA.TV updates KARMA policy, shorter freeze durations
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Posted: 21 hours ago
Edited: 08/02/13 10:37 PM
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So after some criticism, good and bad, we decided to tweak the karma system a little bit. I am sure there will be some complaints as you guys never seem to be fully happy, but we feel these tweaks will help ensure that the system is not abused. We still feel overall the Karma system gives a good impression of the quality of a poster and the over system is not going away.

Not a tweak, but in case you already did not know this. It takes 3x the amount of down votes to trigger an auto-freeze on a blue member than it does a mud member. Profighters, ameatur fighters, and mods can not be frozen from votes down.


1.) Recently changed but never announced, threads with only intent of voting up or down people will removed.

2.) The number of votes applied when voting to a thread starter has been changed back from 3 votes to 1 for vote downs. Vote ups still count as +3.

3.) The time an auto-freeze from votes freezes a member has been changed from 24 hours to 4 hours.

4.) An auto-freeze from votes down triggers an email notifcation that notifies myself and two site admins of the freeze. It gives the related thread, and look at the vote log. Someone can than make a regualr mod judgment call on whether to unfreeze the user or to issue a longer freeze accordingly. 4 hour was needed to accomodate the time to react, but I anticipate in most cases someone will get to it much sooner.

As always we want the user experience of the site to be friendly, intelligent, and fun for everyone. Please feel free to add any comments and we can look at continuing to improve the karma system.


MMA Staff
seems like an improvement

they need mods that actually do their work. it's a paid site, they shouldn't be relying on volunteer mods as much as they do.
So they actually just ignored that thread that a mod started where people voted to abolish the vote down system by a wide margin?

Well, well, well.

If this were a staring contest, MMA.tv just blinked.
about time the 'REAL' trolls are getting exposed and maybe the Kirik is waking up to the fact that it is just as I said when I said that the HATERS would be the destruction of that sight if nothing is done.

Without great posters now found here on EY.com that forum will be a boring place and become another internet ghost-town domain.

now let me go and see if my posting 'privileges' have been restored.......
Boy they're really putting they're brains to work on fixing this thing. Or they could just drop the gay little ratings those nerds are obsessed with and have a decent mod just open a couple hundred threads a day and ban the real jerkoffs. I don't see why it couldn't just work like that with the mods they have, though...between a few you can breeze through some threads, take down some names, and when the same names keep being flagged as fuckfaces you warn a couple times (if it's called for), then ban. It's not rocket science, and there shouldn't be too many man hours involved there.

I guess the mods are just too emotional to do this in an impartial manner? haha
Too little too late.

Very biased moderating over there to say the least.

I was trolling Fraser via PM and on the open forum telling him how great he is and he let me post some very racist shit, 6 months later he froze me for a racist joke.
Don't make fun of the Jewfc or Kirik. That should be on their tos.
I just got frozen for making some anti ufc threads on the ufc lol

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anti-ufc threads on the ufc?
Instead of saying "A perfect system is impossible," he says "I am sure there will be some complaints as you guys never seem to be fully happy." Very petty of Jason.
it's definitely an improvement.. but a bit too late IMO.

just trying to report some good news.
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