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Full Version: Philadeliphia Police Chief anti-UN John Kerry Rant
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HAHAHA. this guy is NUTS

LOL. The NWO's inability to disarm American civilians is one of their few defeats in the past 50 years or so.
(08-01-2013 08:10 AM)Roland Bates Wrote: [ -> ]LOL. The NWO's inability to disarm American civilians is one of their few defeats in the past 50 years or so.

Yeah, another pain in the ass for them, although they have successfully managed to disarm the citizens of many other countries, and they have severely restricted the access to arms in many US states. They are slowly getting there.
Nice, full auto ar, ak and what looked to be a glock, all with drum mags. Worth the tax stamp if you can afford it, imo.

People don't realize just how fast disarmament is coming. Fools like Bill Maher and the like are still taking every opportunity to goof on us second amendment folks, painting us as paranoid and delusional, all the while the bills are being signed and agendas are being pushed.

My advice? Russian, Yugo or Chinese SKS's are still widely available for around the $450 mark depending where you live. Get em while you can. You're gonna need it.
The Gifford shooting, Aurora, and Sandy Hook were a bit a fail in that regard.

I think many people thought those 'events' would have the public basically disarming themselves.

It just didn't happen.
these people think long term. the current generation won't give up.. but the kids who grew up getting suspended for bring hello kitty bubble guns to school might not have the same view.

they think long term.

the "great work"
Truth EY
i would sympathize with the pro-gun control guys more if they tackled ILLEGAL guns first before they started clamping down on legally acquired arms.

in fact I am sort of pro-gun control but not really in the context of the US.

i think places like Japan, korea etc. are great without guns. There is a feeling of security.

"THERE is a gun battle going on in Australia. As bikie gang members and drug dealers gun each other down on a regular basis, sending fear through the community, authorities seem to be fighting a losing battle to keep firearms out of their hands.

One former counter terrorism officer, who spoke to The Australian and asked not to be named, said the gun culture had become so ingrained among Middle Eastern males in southwest Sydney that they have taken to settling so-called "honour'' disputes with guns.

Handguns, particularly the semi-automatic Glock, are the criminal's weapon of choice.

A three-month amnesty in Queensland this year netted 19,000 weapons - one of the most successful hauls since the Howard governments buyback in the 1990s.

But it still leaves hundreds of thousands of illegal weapons out there.

As one crime expert said: "Crims don't hand in their guns."

In its most recent national intelligence assessment of the illicit firearm market in 2012, the Australian Crime Commission said the durability of firearms ensured those sold illegally remain in circulation for many decades.

The oldest firearm traced by the ACC was a functioning revolver manufactured in 1888."
That guy is fucking crazy haha

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He's awesome and should be in charge of 'merka. Him or The Dean.
This guy is hilarious.
(08-07-2013 02:53 PM)Señor Penis Wrote: [ -> ]That guy is fucking crazy haha

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yeah. He's a nut.

But funny too.

I wish americans could defend freedom, justice and liberty as much as they defend guns.

it seems as long as they get to keep the guns.. they are happy no matter how many drones are in the skies or how people are spied on.
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