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Full Version: F*ck the OG
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Seriously fuck that place..
Bunch of programmed idiots and bed wetters
The UG has sucked since about 2005.
I don't know why I even bother looking around over there.
[Image: 3506896_300.jpg]
why would you say 2005?

i would say maybe 2009-2010 or so.
2004 was the best year, 2002 was when it started losing its raw feel from memory.

Enough free press for them, lets put it in the past.
I agree with 09/10. The Brock Lesnar era brought too many tards to the sport and the OG.
TUF, Death of Pride, Invasion of Zuffa Shills, Brock Lesnar fanbois etc. really messed up the UG

the OG was still decent to me until the shitty vote down system.

bottom line is.. I basically use forums to test and get new ideas on a very ground level. the UG/OG was not doing that for me anymore.. so this place is a logical extension.

I think a lot of people just use that place to shit around and look at cats and tits at work now.
When that Just Bleed fuckhead was born it was the day of the future demise of MMA.

CTsar suck my cock
They know why the interesting people are leaving. It seems to be the way they want it.


Well, they got it.
the sense of community that made that place interesting existed up until the Shiloh vs Hojak days. Now it's like a mini reddit, too crowded and too much random uninteresting content.
(07-30-2013 01:18 PM)DONGED BY JOHNSON Wrote: [ -> ]When that Just Bleed fuckhead was born it was the day of the future demise of MMA.

CTsar suck my cock

lol @ this TUF noob fronting like he's a 02er.
Excellent post by Onescoup. I think he needs to join this board:

Quote:OneScoup - In the decade plus I've been here, the biggest problem with the OG has always been the mob of haters and their rogue mod henchmen. Any poster who rises above them in intellect or entertainment value and thus creates a following, is run off. The board is worse for it.

Right now if the Mushasi, Redneck, EY, Shiloh's of the world were active and frequent posters, love them or hate them, this board would be 100X better. If you don't like them, avoid or ignore their threads, don't lynch them or send weasel mods to harass them.

The voting system just provides more torches and pitchforks.
^although only Musashi was run off, lot's of old timers still around but the content is too diluted now.
Musashi was really pissed about the vote downs. really pissed. never liked him, but he made the place interesting somewhat.
They went all corporate. There is no such thing as a cool sellout. Chris and Kirik know it.

Kirik's nomination of himself to create a pretend mma hall of fame was pretty nauseating. I hope he's not still doing that.
^ yeah. the forum does have a corporate feel. no longer the "underground"

congrats you now have more vote ups than POSTS!
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