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Full Version: Media Blackout: Throat-Slashing Muslim Kills Disabled Man
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Quote:Here is yet ANOTHER story that the “mainstream” media has chosen to ignore.

Colin Greenaway was a British disabled man in a wheelchair. On Saturday, Greenaway was killed by Muslim Daha Mohammed, 51, who slit his throat. The disabled man, who was killed in Thamesmead, was a “great neighbor and friend.”

56-year-old Greenaway was confined to a wheelchair after having his toes amputated from a gangrene. He was found dead at 2pm on Saturday, after Mohammed cut his throat.

Gary Cook lived in the apartment above Greenaway. He is in shock over what happened — he described Greenaway as a good friend, and saw him just two days before he was killed.

“Colin was a neighbor and a friend and I can’t believe what’s happened,” said Cook. “I’ve known him for about 10 years, he’s helped me out and I’d help him out. Because he was wheelchair-bound I’d go and get something for him at the shop if he needed anything.”

Cook, 46, is now questioning how safe his neighborhood is.

He said, “I can’t believe something like this could happen in this area, everyone’s so nice. I’ve had to go to my doctor to get some pills because I’m struggling to sleep. When one of his carers came to my door in tears I got dressed quickly and rushed downstairs. I saw him lying on the floor and he wasn’t breathing. It was clear nothing else could be done for him.”

A post-mortem examination at Greenwich Mortuary confirmed that Greenaway died as a result of the throat stabs.

What happened to Greenaway is a tragedy. It is clear that the mainstream media is ignoring this story on purpose because Mohammed is a Muslim.


Heard about this horrible crime when it happened.

Don't think even the Daily Mail covered this.
Any idea on the motive?
(07-27-2013 11:07 PM)GMB13 Wrote: [ -> ]Any idea on the motive?

I think robbery.
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